Toronto, Canada - Office Accessibility

Accessibility is fundamental to Salesforce culture. We make our spaces as inclusive as possible, but also know that some of our offices still have some restrictions and limitations.

We want to make sure that visitors, guests, and employees are aware of any constraints in our office spaces, as well as highlight some of the accessible provisions that can be expected when visiting us. That way, everyone is empowered to plan their visit and make their time with us easy and enjoyable.

Getting to and from the office

Transportation options are provided below and are the directions from the two major airports that surround Toronto. The transportation to/from both airports drop off or pick up from Union Station which is nine minutes from the Salesforce entrance.

Lester B. Pearson Airport — Take the Union Pearson (UP) Express. This train travels direct from Pearson Airport to Union Station.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport — Complimentary shuttle buses are available to Union Station.

From Union Station, turn south onto Bay Street and go 650 meters (a roughly nine-minute walk to the Salesforce entrance).

Elevator access to the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is located just steps outside, at the corner of our building.

Use the TTC Trip Planner tool to find the most direct TTC route to any address in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Union station mentioned above is nine minutes from the office.

In the office

All floors are accessible by the elevator, and go directly to the ground floor for seamless access and exit.

Accessible restrooms can be found on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th floors.
Note: These restrooms are outside the office space in the hallway. One gender-neutral accessible bathroom/ shower room is available inside the office space on the 7th floor.

One gender-neutral accessible bathroom and shower room is available inside the office space on the 7th floor.

Braille signage is available in this building.

Tactile signage is available in this building.

Sit/stand desks are available in this building.


This building features counters with accessible approach sections.

This building features accessible storage and cabinet handles.

This building features accessible placement of dishware and snacks.

A door automator is located on the 6th floor.

Salesforce will be the first in Waterpark Place to implement beacons for the visually impaired.

How It Works:
A small (7cm x 7cm) battery-powered device known as a beacon is located inside the doorways and common areas of businesses and other public buildings. The beacon silently communicates with the BlindSquare app through Bluetooth low-energy signals and is programmed with indoor wayfinding information based on which area the beacon is in. The messaging integrates with the BlindSquare app to provide more comprehensive navigation.