What Matters to The New Guard of Tech

Building a better tomorrow.
Today’s leaders are the drivers of tomorrow’s innovations but they also play a large role in supporting social movements, philanthropy, and giving back to build a better tomorrow. Basketball star and entrepreneur, Stephen Curry, NBA Athlete and CEO of SC30 Inc. joins top CEOs including Eric Yuan of Zoom, Frank Slootman of Snowflake, and Jennifer Tejada of PagerDuty as they discuss the legacies they hope to build with the companies they’re leading and how their values translate into the change they’re driving and the decisions they make each day. Together these leaders dive into the strategies to future-proof their businesses and the future of the tech industry.


Stephen Curry
NBA Athlete and CEO of SC30 Inc
Frank Slootman
CEO, Snowflake
Eric Yuan
CEO, Zoom
Jennifer Tejada
CEO, PagerDuty