Whatever your industry, role, or business size, you’ll find the inspiration you need to drive innovation and growth.

We are in the midst of an industrial revolution. Powerful data management, hyper-personalization, and cross-channel engagement combine to create incredible customer experiences. As a result, customer expectations are soaring. Today, businesses must place individuals at the center of every interaction.

At Connections, leading marketers will learn how to connect to customers in a whole new way.


Commerce isn't about the transaction anymore. It's about the entire experience from marketing to transaction to service. Brands must rethink the commerce experience - how to invest in it and how to thrive.

Gain practical insights you can apply today to get ahead and the inspiration you need to start thinking about how to stay ahead. Ecommerce business users, developers and executives will learn from commerce thought leaders and the brands who are blazing trails on topics like mobile, personalization, developer innovations, and the future of commerce.


Learn how leading companies are using the world’s #1 service platform to transform service — and their industries — by connecting with customers in whole new ways.

At Connections you'll hear how Salesforce for Service has helped other consumer brands use intelligence to turn every customer connection into a lasting relationship with sessions focused on Customer Service, Digital Customer Engagement, Self Service, and AI.


In a time of demographic shifts and increasing customer expectations, it has never been more important to have the solutions to manage selling channels with precision while driving deeper brand loyalty with consumers. Join industry Trailblazers at Connections to learn how you can blaze new trails with Salesforce to deliver personalized customer interactions at scale, plan smarter, execute with precision, and grow collaboration and productivity across the organization.


In the age of massive industry disruption, the fastest path to shopper success is AI. Join industry Trailblazers at Connections to learn how you can blaze new trails with Salesforce to deliver personalized, faster, and connected experiences to connect to shoppers in a whole new way.


Consumers are demanding an unprecedented level of service in every facet of their lives. Today AI and the Internet of Things are enabling organizations to connect to patients and members in new ways. Whether you are a healthcare or life sciences organization, you seek tools to create the personalized experience they expect. Join industry Trailblazers at Connections to learn how you can blaze new trails with Salesforce to manage and engage across the entire patient and member journey to achieve healthier outcomes.


Industry and market boundaries continue to disintegrate. There is no clear path or destination, but one trend is consistent – convenience has become the new loyalty. At Connections, learn how financial services Trailblazers are leveraging new technologies to unlock the full power of their financial institution to create differentiated, convenient experiences that deepen relationships and earn loyalty.


We’re living in a new era of manufacturing – the age of the consumer. In the past, manufacturers have been constrained by the ability to make the best products and get them out the door and into the hands of their customers as fast as possible. But in a world where product differentiation is becoming harder and harder, manufacturers must undergo customer-centric transformations. Join us at Connections to blaze new trails with Salesforce to deliver outstanding customer experiences - the sum total of not just the product, but also the service, the buying experience, and every other touchpoint that customer has with you.


Gain knowledge that will transform your career and your company in 500+ breakout sessions and hands-on demos. Get inspired by the brightest minds in industry-leading keynotes. Meet Salesforce experts, hundreds of partners, and explore a world of innovation at the Customer Success Expo. Have fun networking with fellow Trailblazers and dance the night away at an epic concert. Give back by participating in volunteer opportunities that will change your community.