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Salesforce for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Become a staple in every shopping cart with the world's #1 AI CRM for consumer goods. This powerful CPG CRM enables you to activate data and drive brand growth from planning to execution.

Leading fast-moving consumer goods companies use Salesforce to deliver profitable growth.

Consumer Goods Cloud for Trade Promotion Management demo.

Improve trade promotion effectiveness.

Plan efficiently, budget intelligently, and track effectively across all trade activity to maximize margins.

  • Optimize trade planning. Manage promotion plans, allocate trade funds, and improve productivity with data from anywhere integrated into one platform.
  • Manage funds and budgets efficiently. Gain clear visibility into trade budgets including live rate and dynamic funding. Set guardrails to increase ROI.
  • Measure effectiveness with real-time reporting. Understand trade spend effectiveness with real-time reporting and analytics. Integrate data from enterprise resource planning and scan databases to improve your promotion efficiency.
  • Streamline claims management. Easily reconcile claims and deductions while simplifying settlements.
Retail execution demo

Unlock perfect retail execution.

Streamline planning, automate processes, and perfect store execution on one connected platform.

  • Maximize selling time. Automate and streamline tasks to make it easy for your sales representatives to efficiently plan and prioritize their visits.
  • Drive business growth. Empower sellers with store-level insights and built-in analytics to increase efficiency.
  • Improve sales strategy. Equip headquarter's teams with real-time data from the field to identify planogram gaps and out-of-stocks, and manage assets.
  • Deliver perfect store execution. Activate headquarter's brand plans with guided selling, in-store collateral, and account-specific product lists and order templates.
Data cloud attributes that map to an individual and build the personalization profile

Action consumer data.

Automate data management, scale personalized engagement, reduce costs, and increase ROI to acquire and grow consumer relationships.

  • Access real-time data. Go to market faster with the trusted data you need to identify key audiences, power AI, and analyze performance at your fingertips.
  • Build a unified consumer profile. Harness all of your data, from any source across the business, to gain insight about consumers and increase their lifetime value.
  • Activate seamlessly in any channel. Personalize every touchpoint in each consumer relationship with AI recommendations, decisioning, and journey automation.

Fast-moving Consumer Goods FAQ

CPG CRM is a software solution that strenghtens customer relationships and makes businesses more efficient for CPG companies. Salesforce for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods is a CPG CRM that delivers profitable growth with connected planning and execution.

Salesforce for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods is consumer packaged goods software that empowers CPG companies to activate customer data, improve trade promotion effectiveness, and perfect retail execution for profitable growth across brands.

Choose the right consumer packaged goods software by evaluating your business needs. Whether your goal is to accelerate account growth, increase your promotion effectiveness, perfect retail execution, or grow customer satisfaction, you can pick the right capabilities for your team. 

The exact software your business needs can vary depending on how your business works. Salesforce for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods has many solutions across B2B and B2C functions that deliver profitable growth for your business. Contact us to see what works for your business.

Salesforce is the world's #1 AI CPG CRM for Consumer Goods. With our industry-specific products like Consumer Goods Cloud, CG companies can connect planning and execution one platform to deliver profitable growth.