Sales teams track their personal quota, their team quote, forecast gaps, and likely deals in their pipeline in a dashboard.

Salesforce for Distributors

Build relationships that last in a complex route to market with the world's #1 AI CRM. Choose the best CRM for distribution companies to drive brand growth and unlock efficiencies.

A dashboard with new order details and a highlighted New Order button.

Grow customer satisfaction and revenue.

Empower service agents with intelligent, integrated tools to deliver excellent service, increase sales, and maximize efficiency.

  • Improve the resolution experience. Deliver high-touch, quality service with relevant real-time data and a consumer goods data model.
  • Scale service excellence. Solve customer inquiries faster and more efficiently using pre-built consoles that surface key retail execution and account data.
  • Increase account sales. Equip agents with integrated telesales capabilities and penny-perfect pricing to cross sell and up sell products.
  • Improve operational efficiency. Harness industry flows, automation, and AI to reduce time and cost to serve.
Retail Execution demo video

Unlock perfect retail execution.

Streamline planning, automate processes, and perfect store execution on one connected platform.

  • Maximize selling time. Empower sellers with store-level insights and built-in analytics to increase efficiency. 
  • Drive business growth. Empower sellers with store-level insights and built-in analytics to increase efficiency.  
  • Improve sales strategy. Equip headquarters teams with real-time data from the field to identify planogram gaps and out-of-stocks, and manage assets. 
  • Deliver perfect store execution. Activate headquarter's brand plans with guided selling, in-store collateral, and account-specific product lists and order templates.
Customers can place a product reorder directly from an ecommerce portal.

Drive efficiency and profitability for B2B purchasing.

Grow revenue and drive business efficiency with AI-powered commerce and connected order management.

  • Bring the consumer experience to any channel. Create a digital storefront with embedded AI to personalize the consumer and self-service buying experience, and gain actionable insights to boost conversion. 
  • Improve sales team productivity. Simplify the ordering process with pre-negotiated pricing and authenticated logins. One-click reordering lets customers easily make repeat purchases.
  • Fulfill orders with ease. Increase efficiency and drive loyalty with connected order management software that gives you visibility into inventory and customer service data, so you can fulfill orders faster.

Salesforce CRM for Distributors FAQ

Consumer Goods CRM is a software solution that strengthens customer relationships and makes businesses more efficient. Salesforce is the world's #1 AI CRM for consumer goods with industry-specific solutions to activate B2B and B2C data and deliver profitable growth.

Salesforce is a robust Consumer Goods CRM solution with proven experience in unifying and activating disparate data, building brand relevancy with target consumers, driving brand growth with their retail customers, and increasing efficiencies across all functions of the business.

The exact consumer goods technology your business needs can vary depending on how your business works. Our CRM for Distributors has many solutions across B2B and B2C functions that deliver profitable growth for your business. Contact us to see what works for your business.

Choose the CRM for distributors that works for you by evaluating your business needs. Whether your goal is to power account growth, increase your promotion effectiveness, perfect retail execution, or grow customer satisfaction, you can pick the right capabilities for your team. 

Salesforce is the world's #1 AI CRM for Consumer Goods. We develop solutions across B2B and B2C to deliver profitable growth. Consumer Goods Cloud is our industry specific product built on the Salesforce platform and equipped with integrated planning and execution capabilities.

We offer a range of capabilities across the Salesforce platform. For instance, with Consumer Goods Cloud you can generate personalized playbooks with Einstein Co-Pilot to deliver guided selling with personalized messaging that highlights unique product features.