We all want more leads, however, there are so many articles on lead nurturing and they all say different things. So what should you do? What do you really need to know to create a great lead nurturing program? It’s easy, just follow these three steps. 

1. One to One

 Don Peppers wrote a book in 1993 called, The Future of One to One. It changed the marketing world forever. Rule number one is you must talk one to one with people through nurturing programs. Mass blasting is a one to many medium, while lead nurturing is a one to one medium. This means your old email templates should not be used for lead nurturing. Create new ones. Make them look like a single person wrote them, because they are being sent to a single person.

2. Move them along

The goal of your nurturing program should be very specific. It should move someone to the next step in your marketing funnel. If your goal is too large, your emails will not be specific enough. And emails that are not specific enough, are not releveant. Emails that are not relevant, don’t get engagement. So think of having many smaller nurturing programs linked together to move someone from stage to stage, all the way to MQL.

3. Drop the HTML

If you are writing nurturing emails, follow the one to one idea all the way though. You don’t write a fully-coded HTML email to your friend, so why would you write a fully-coded HTML email to a single person? You wouldn't. Your prospect knows this too, so if they open an email with rounded corners, colored boxes, and slick CSS, they know you didn’t write it just for them. Learn to use Rich Text, which is a version of HTML without the heavy coding.

If you can follow these three tips, you’ll be on your way to creating a great lead nurturing program. If you want to learn more awesome tips, you can check out my book, Marketing Automation for Dummies, which will be published early next year. 

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