We all know Dreamforce is big. It is the largest software conference on the planet — but what’s behind the big number?  The Dreamforce team works year-round to put on a show that’s all about innovation, fun, and giving back, and this year we are so thrilled for you to get onsite and see what it’s all about. Whether you’re coming to your first Dreamforce or your twelfth, we hope you’ll have an amazing time. 

To give you an idea of the extent of Dreamforce, we dug into some of the key facts and figures and compiled them all into a single infographic that’s packed with information on how this year we will showcase innovation, give back to the community, and make sure all attendees have fun!

A few highlights:

1 million

  • Number of meals donated
  • That’s 2,739 meals per day for an entire year — and we’re asking every Dreamforce attendee to bring a can to make it happen!  You can also donate online at www.dfgives.org, and start a campaign to donate even more meals. Tweet what cans your bringing using #DFGives and nominate your friends to get involved!


  • Number of registered attendees
  • That’s equal to 16% of San Francisco’s total population.


  • Number of nonprofit attendees
  • Making Dreamforce the largest nonprofit technology conference in the world!


  • Total gallons of coffee consumed
  • That’s enough for 80,000 people to have a cup...or 10,000 caffeine addicts to have 8 cups each.


  • Countries represented at Dreamforce
  • That’s almost half the world!

More than $100 million

  • Economic impact to the Bay Area

Enjoy the infographic and be sure to tune into Salesforce LIVE for all the exciting keynotes, events, and announcements.