Email reigns as the king of digital channels-yet the quest for better results is never ending. Check out this A-to-Z list of easy-to-implement tips every email marketer can use to improve subscriber engagement, delivery rates, opens and click throughs.

: Always Be Collecting

It all starts with a high quality subscriber list. The challenge is to strike a balance between 'we'd love you to join' and 'we're desperate to have you'.

Every request to subscribe must first pass the value test: Is the offer a fair trade for coveted email addresses? 88% of B2B marketers and a similar percentage of B2C marketers are investing heavily in content marketing. Great trend, but it makes it all the harder to cut through the clutter. Rather than focus on quantity, identify the content topics and types that are driving results (and be sure to incorporate into your SEO strategy).

Likewise, carefully consider how you make the ask. Yes, there are myriad proven winners like interstitials, website headers, landing pages, digital ads, social, checkout counters, etc. As the saying goes: Your results may vary. Find what works without annoying-then eliminate what does not.

: Don't Estrange Friends

Congratulations. Your subscriber list is healthy and growing. Don't screw that up!

Nobody wants to see his or her best friend every day-and certainly not most brands. On average, 17% of email marketers send six or more emails per month. 35% average 2-3 sends, 21% average 4-5 sends, and 8% send more than 8.

While unsubscribes occur for many reasons, frequency is often to blame. Also carefully monitor engagement, opens and click-through rates. Recipients may not unsubscribe, but trending declines are a clear indication they've emotionally checked out.

: Glean Hidden Intelligence

Are you leveraging the power of Predictive Intelligence to deliver personalized email experiences yet? It's amazing.

With just a few simple lines of Javascript, it enables you to capture cross-channel data such as web clicks, purchases, dropped carts, and email opens. The data is then stored within a common contact model to build a 360-degree view.

The data you've gathered about each customer is used to deliver personalized content via email (as well as on other channels). Sophisticated algorithms make decisions and recommendations based observations, and then automate the delivery of content. With every interaction, the algorithms 'get smarter,' providing even greater opportunities for 1-to-1 personalization for each individual.

: Just Keep Learning

Marketers love analytics, and nothing compares to the insights that email provides. The obvious place to start is A/B testing. Subtle adjustments to subject lines, design, copy, send time, frequency…the possibilities are endless.

Don't limit yourself to just the usual email metrics. With emails powered by Journey Builder, you can track and test every campaign element in real time and evaluate progress toward campaign goals based on specific customer data. It enables you to visualize which messages and days are performing best so you're always up-to-speed.

And speaking of learning, have you registered for Connections 2016 yet? There is no better way for email marketers to network and stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies.

: Minimize Names Only

'Dear Jane' has lost its luster. Today's recipients expect you to be on more than a first name basis-your emails must indicate you understand what they like, what they want, their relationship with your brand, and how, when and where they like to communicate.

In short: They want relevance and personalization with every interaction. They're quick to reward those that can deliver, and even quicker to part with those that don't.

: Provoke Quick Results

Today, 66% of all email is opened on smartphones (50%) or tablets (16%). Reaching these on-the-go customers means delivering emails on mobile-optimized templates that render correctly for any device the recipient happens to be holding at the time.

Mobile email can also serve as the driver to the next level of engagement. For example, when opened on a mobile device, the shortest path to conversion might be a direct link to a mobile app. And once installed, entirely new channels of communication-push notifications-can be established.

: Send Triggered Updates

What does the guy in the infomercials say? Set it, and forget it! While I'm not encouraging you to never revisit your content, triggered sends are a time-tested way to drive engagement.

Whether it's thanking someone for signing up for your newsletter, wishing a happy birthday, sending a receipt, or confirming an order, triggered sends work. Subscribers love them and so should you.

: Vary With X-Channel

I'll bet you were wondering how I'd work that 'x' in. Cross channel is the answer!

Email is the backbone of digital marketing, but it's just one part of an effective digital marketing anatomy. Take your email to the next level truly and deliver cohesive experiences across the customer lifecycle-pair it with mobile channels like SMS, MMS and push notifications, as well as social, digital ads and the web.

: Yell Zippity-do-dah

Don't worry what your coworkers think. Put these tactics to work for you, and you'll have reason to celebrate (and so will your customers).

Interested in more practical email tips you can use to improve subscriber engagement, delivery rates, opens and click throughs? Check out the Email Workbook.