Technology is evolving by the minute—and speeding up everything else along the way. So, the burning question on the mind of every good sales team: how do we not get left behind?

We have some ideas for you. Start by always looking at what your customer wants. In the Age of the Customer, expectations have changed. Anyone who’s ever bought anything can tell you that the best buying experiences are harmonious, from start to finish. That means no nasty surprises (faulty product!) or frustrating disconnects (misleading claims!). That’s what you need to give your customers: A reason to come back for more.

But sales teams that aren’t reaching customers at every touchpoint — email, website, social channels — are floundering. So what to do? We have answers to get your team on track.  

We pulled together some fresh ideas and detailed it in our free e-book, 4 Steps to Transforming Your Sales Process. You will learn four ways to transform your business and manage sales, service, and marketing on one platform.

Here’s a quick teaser:

Use Automation and Analytics to Close Deals Faster and Maximize Revenue

We all know from experience that transforming your entire sales process isn’t done with just a snap of a finger. So how exactly do you make the jump from a disconnected, inefficient sales process to an integrated system that lets you deliver that cohesive, end-to-end buyer experience that today’s customers demand? You do it with built-in automation and analytics.

Read on to learn how automation and analytics can transform your team.

Sales + Marketing Accelerates Pipeline Growth

Historically, sales and marketing are often interfacing with the customer at different points in the buying process. Marketing teams develop the customer profile and strategies to reach them, and sales attempts to bring those deals over the finish line. But there’s so much room for collaboration between the two: Sales can pass along key customer insights that could help shape marketing efforts. Likewise, marketing could offer up data patterns that would help sales reps close deals faster. The key to this collaboration is technology.

Find out about how technology can turn your sales and marketing teams into the ultimate power couple.

Empower Sales Reps to Sell, Sell, Sell

Keeping up with the pace of commerce is a significant challenge for some sales teams, in part because they’re missing the key data they need to meet customers’ demands. What they need is the ability to access all their tools at all times to get all data on every device. It’s time to integrate productivity and collaboration tools for your sales teams.

Learn more about how to empower your sales team to connect with customers in a whole new way.