Today we launched the new AppExchange. With a faster, smarter, and more personalized experience, it is even easier to discover the right solutions to extend Salesforce to your department and industry.

AppExchange is the Salesforce Store because it’s your complete, one-stop shop of thousands of ready-to-install solutions to extend the functionality of Salesforce. There’s a lot to be excited about with the new AppExchange, so here’s a breakdown of the new features to help you quickly and easily shop around. #AppyExploring!


Personalized Discovery


Customers can now discover the right solutions faster and smarter with personalized recommendations and intelligent search. Similar to retail websites, we’re serving up relevant solutions on the homepage based on a customer’s profile, install history, and site activity when customers log into AppExchange. Customers can now also search smarter across the entire site so they can find the right solution for their business.


Trailhead Learning


You’re already learning Salesforce best practices with Trailhead, now it’s even easier to access the right trails at the right time with Trailhead integrated into AppExchange. Along with apps, components and more, you can access Trailhead, too.

Get inspired by other customers, and find a treasure trove of tips and tricks in the Trailhead Community, accessible via the Ohana Tab. There, you can connect with our AppExchange All Stars and MVPs on the Trailblazer Community, and Salesforce User Group events.


Speaking of learning, we’re always creating resources that will help you do your job. Whether you’re in sales, customer service, marketing, IT, or on the forefront of artificial intelligence, there are countless blog posts, e-books, videos, and interactive assets. We’ve brought all of these helpful materials into the AppExchange, creating a centralized, search-friendly, one-stop-shop for any resource you need. See it for yourself.


New Lightning Solutions


AppExchange solutions are customized for Salesforce so you can plug solutions straight into your Salesforce org with minimal implementation or integration. Today, we’re excited to add Lightning Data and Bolt Solutions to the thousands of apps, components, and consultants that customers can find on AppExchange. 

Lightning Data allows customers to fuel sales and marketing with the right data to discover data-driven insights and increase sales rep productivity.


Lightning Bolt Solutions enable customers to launch communities with partner-built industry templates.


Industry Expertise


Extend Salesforce with ready-to-install industry solutions. AppExchange helps you forge a path to success in your industry, so here’s a list of currently curated industry collections:

 There are many other industry-focused apps and topics on AppExchange, so search for the industry that interests you.

AppExchange is for every Salesforce user at companies of all sizes, for every industry and every department. We hope you’re as excited about the new AppExchange experience as we are. Check it out at, and have fun as you #ExploreAppExchange.


7-Must-Know Features on the New Salesforce AppExchange from Salesforce