B2B digital ad spending is on the rise, making for an increasingly crowded digital advertising landscape. But with so much competition for attention, how can B2B marketers break through the noise to truly engage prospects?

To attract attention that drives valuable prospect engagement — like click-throughs and app downloads — B2B companies should approach digital advertising with these three tips in mind:


1. Deliver helpful content


According to the Salesforce research report “The AI Revolution,” 75% of business buyers say that by 2020, they’ll actively expect companies to anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions.

Using tools in their technology stacks, such as a marketing intelligence and analytics platform (like Datorama), B2B advertisers can serve unique ads to each prospect at different stages of their purchase journey. In turn, these ads can lead to helpful content that matches a prospect’s individual needs or interests.

For example, if a prospect visits your website, you can use cookies from that prospect’s browsing data to serve them a LinkedIn ad that leads to a related piece of content. This is one way that companies can deliver useful content via digital ads to drive engagement with their brand and guide prospects through the marketing funnel.


2. Keep your promises


Have you ever clicked a digital ad, only to land on a page that didn’t have anything to do with the promised ad? That’s called clickbait, and it can be frustrating for prospects — not to mention detrimental to your brand.

According to "A Unified View of Audiences Is the Key to B2B Digital Advertising Success" from Digital Clarity Group and Salesforce, “digital advertising for B2B solutions can be one of the primary ways that businesses surface trust and continuously deliver it (across devices, platforms, and formats) as the buyer goes through her buying journey.”

Digital ads can be an efficient way to provide reliable, transparent information to potential buyers. By using digital ads that set accurate expectations for prospects and lead to helpful content, brands can avoid the risk of being ignored or avoided.


3. Pinpoint your target audience


There’s no question about it: ads that reach their target audience at the right moment gets noticed. In fact, Salesforce and Digital Clarity Group report that 63% of B2B buyers notice relevant, targeted ads from companies while researching purchases.

However, the same report also shows that 96% of B2B companies say their “targeted” digital ads don’t always reach the right audience.

Using other tools from their technology stacks, such as a Data Management Platform (DMP), can help B2B marketers implement hyper-targeted advertising by applying actual customer data to interest-based segments. By hyper-targeting ads, B2B marketers can increase their chances of engaging interested prospects.

With more and more companies competing in the digital ad landscape, it’s more important than ever for B2B marketers to differentiate their ads. By delivering relevant content, building trust through transparency, and homing in on specific audience segments, B2B advertisers can find opportunities to break through the noise and engage prospects who can become long-term, loyal customers.

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