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When you think about everything that’s unique about your company—your vision, processes, and business model, plus the singular advantages of your products and services—it’s obvious why CRM customization is essential to your success. You need a solution you can easily adapt to work the way you do. That’s why Salesforce CRM—and the cloud-based platform it’s built on—come with tools that let you perform CRM customizations, custom application development, and CRM integration with minimal effort and maximum speed.

Typically, custom application development projects are lengthy, resource intensive, and difficult to upgrade. As a result, IT organizations must often forego important CRM customizations in favor of limited tinkering around the edges. Or worse, users must make do with mismatched, off-the-shelf functionality that impairs productivity and processes.

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The platform takes the compromise out of CRM customization. It provides simple point-and-click configuration as well as a full developer toolkit for more complex custom application development and CRM integration.

This functionality, plus our trusted enterprise API, makes it easy to connect Salesforce CRM to your back-end business systems. And perhaps best of all, our cloud platform provides automatic, easy upgrades that preserve all your existing CRM customizations.

Custom application development with just points and clicks

Your experienced staff members know your processes inside out—typically, they have the best ideas for CRM customizations that can streamline and support those processes. However, in conventional software environments, CRM customization requests go into a long queue of IT assignments, after which it’s “hurry up and wait”—often for months or more—until developers can get around to them. ends these familiar CRM customization and CRM integration bottlenecks.’s builder is so easy to work with that power users and administrators can create a wide range of CRM customizations themselves, without programming. With no more than simple points and clicks, users can configure the attributes—known as metadata—associated with the application’s objects. This application “blueprint” is rendered in the user interface whenever an end user interacts with the application. To ensure that CRM customizations don’t affect application integrity, users can’t modify core code; instead, they work within the application’s metadata framework.

CRM integration made easy

In survey after survey, application integration ranks as the most important IT priority for C-level executives. In particular, CRM integration is a necessity in today’s multivendor environments, with their proliferation of heterogeneous systems for strategic functions like ERP, HR, Financials, and Inventory Management. Customization and CRM integration also enable business advantage by more closely aligning IT with overall enterprise goals.

According to estimates by a leading industry analyst, integration accounts for nearly 35 percent of the total cost of design and ownership of typical enterprise applications. But now, cloud-based technologies are simplifying, speeding, and reducing the cost of CRM integration, CRM customization, and custom application development.

CRM customization to help users work smarter

  • More CRM customizations in less time. Although other vendors’ systems can be modified through metadata, stands alone in terms of the power of CRM customization with clicks instead of code. In many cases, Salesforce CRM administrators can make modifications on their own that would require full-blown custom application development with other systems. This ability to customize on the fly is especially true for business processes and workflows as well as the user interface through which people manage them.
  • Workflows that work for your business. CRM customization is not just a matter of adapting application functionality to your company’s existing processes and workflows. It’s also about improving them so they become more efficient and effective. Project management is a prime example.
    Do your users use email threads to manage projects? What happens to schedules and coordination when communication problems arise? Do you have a window into progress and a way to monitor who’s doing what, when?
    CRM customization can address all these challenges, and’s builder is designed to make it easy. In concert with Salesforce CRM’s built-in workflow functionality, the builder lets you automate and modify your processes to reduce overhead, avoid delays, enhance accountability, and speed response times.

One popular and especially helpful CRM customization strategy is designing workflow rules to be triggered by various business events and stages in the sales and customer care cycles. Once you specify a trigger, you can create appropriate tasks for automatic assignment to team members when the alert is set off. Plus, you can define these tasks in templates that are automatically populated with relevant data such as status, priority, and deadlines.

Just like your business itself, CRM customization is a dynamic process with As your needs change, you can easily modify workflow rules to keep up.

Custom application development: CRM customization at the coding level’s point-and-click configuration lets administrators and power users quickly perform a wide array of CRM customizations on their own—without consuming IT resources or even wait for them to become available. For complex custom application development and CRM integrations that do require coding, provides toolkits for most popular programming languages, including Java, VB.NET, C++, C#, .NET, and open-source IDEs such as Eclipse.

  • Unlimited native CRM customization. Developers can also use’s own programming language to perform CRM customization and custom application development. Any Java developer will find the Java-like code, also known as Apex, immediately familiar. Because CRM customizations created with Apex run natively on’s servers, developers are freed from managing and maintaining customized client-side functionality. Moreover, any CRM customizations created with code can be made available as Web services and deployed via SOAP and XML protocols.
  • All cloud-based services are not created equal.Most vendors that promote themselves as “hosted services,” “software as a service,” or “cloud providers” simply charge customers to install, configure, and maintain their software as separate customer instances on the vendor’s servers at its data center. As with traditional software, application upgrades by such vendors involve major customer expense and often disruption as well because existing CRM customizations are lost and the application has to be redeployed for each customer. In contrast, is a true multitenant cloud platform: It carries all CRM customizations and CRM integrations forward during upgrades, without customer effort, intervention, or inconvenience.


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Cloud platform for CRM

Every company is different—so of course no two companies can have the same CRM solution. That’s why a cloud platform like Salesforce1 Platform is the perfect foundation for CRM. Because in the cloud, CRM apps are never limited by the underlying technology. You can always make customizations and changes in real time, as your business evolves.

Customizes your CRM with Salesforce1 Platform

Unlimited Customization
Get a complete view of your customers

Your CRM apps should reflect your business, not the other way around. With the Salesforce1 Platform cloud platform, you can track any data you want, such as orders, discounts, references, competitors… anything. Other clouds limit your additions to only a few data objects; our cloud is unlimited. Because how else can you keep track of everything that’s going on with your customers? View customer testimonial | Watch demo

Customizes your CRM with Salesforce1 Platform

Programmable Logic
Run all your CRM processes

Customization isn’t just about data. What about logic: those all-important business rules? Salespeople need to route orders… service agents need to validate customer entitlements… you’ll have dozens of business rules to add into your CRM app. But with Salesforce1 Platform, you can run code in the cloud so there are no limitations on CRM logic—and no need for more servers.   View customer testimonial

Customizes your CRM with Salesforce1 Platform
Multi-Tenant Kernel
Work smarter—and faster

Your business is made up of hundreds of business processes. Now you can design and automate any business process or workflow without code. The Salesforce1 Platform Visual Process Manager runs in real time like your business, so you can quickly design and automate processes such as scripting a service call, approving a sales discount request, routing a service escalation to the right expert, or automating a complex quote process.
View customer testimonial | Watch demo

Customizes your CRM with Salesforce1 Platform
Multi-Tenant Kernel
Achieve 100% user adoption

Users won’t adopt CRM apps that are hard to use and that aren’t relevant to their jobs. When you can easily customize the user interface, widespread adoption usually follows. With Salesforce1 Platform, you can customize the UI for any type of user: a sales manager, marketing executive, customer service agent, or anyone in your business. And we’re talking deep customization—down to the pixel level.  View customer testimonial

Customizes your CRM with Salesforce1 Platform

Multi-Tenant Kernel
Connect your CRM with your Web site

CRM begins with your Web site: generating leads, delivering product information, and servicing customers. With the Salesforce1 Platform cloud platform, your CRM app and your Web site work together seamlessly. Customer data captured on the Web flows right into your CRM app. You can even build pages or entire sites on Salesforce1 Platform: 100% in the cloud, with no software or hardware.   View customer testimonial

Customizes your CRM with Salesforce1 Platform

Mobile Access
Access your data: anytime, anywhere

Businesspeople need access to customer data wherever their work or life takes them. Salesforce1 Platform makes it easy to run your CRM apps—including all your customizations—on popular mobile devices. It’s easy to deploy, it’s free, and it all runs on the same, trusted cloud platform as your CRM apps.   View customer testimonial

Customizes your CRM with Salesforce1 Platform
Multi-Tenant Kernel
1,000+ applications and services

There are more than 1,000 applications and services on the AppExchange. You can find everything from native Salesforce1 Platform applications for accounting, recruiting, and asset management to CRM extensions for email marketing, pricing, and quoting. Additionally, engage with 170+ custom application development partners to drive your most critical Salesforce1 Platform initiatives.   View customer testimonial

Customizes your CRM with Salesforce1 Platform
Multi-Tenant Kernel
See what’s happening in your business

For most managers, nothing is more important than keeping a finger on the pulse of the business: knowing what people are working on, what deals are going to close, and how customers are being served. Salesforce1 Platform makes it easy for you and your business users to create your own reports—without the need for programmers. And because your reports run on live data, they’re better than up to the minute… they’re up to the second.   View customer testimonial

Customizes your CRM with Salesforce1 Platform
Multi-Tenant Kernel
Get your hands on the right content

Having the right content at your fingertips makes you look like a hero to your customer. With Salesforce1 Platform, you get an integrated content library so reps and agents can easily find the right content, right when they need it. But how can they tell which is the right content? Salesforce1 Platform supports voting and discussions, so everyone can see which content is the most successful.  View customer testimonial

Customizes your CRM with Salesforce1 Platform
Multi-Tenant Kernel
See only what you need to

Although one CRM user may need access to a critical piece of data—let’s say her commission—other users shouldn’t be allowed to see it. Salesforce1 Platform provides granular security and sharing rules to let you decide which users see what information, all the way down to the field level.  View customer testimonial