Chatter Invitations

Everyone in your company can work together like never before on Chatter—even colleagues who don't have Salesforce licenses. Invite co-workers who are not currently using Salesforce to collaborate on projects, files, and more. You can send invites from Chatter Central or the People tab. When someone accepts a Chatter invitation, he/she will receive a Chatter Free license. Now even non-Salesforce users in your company can complete profiles, post status updates, follow co-workers, create groups, post files, and collaborate with colleagues. With Chatter Invitations, collaboration at your company is private, secure, and free.


Chatter@Mentions lets you associate updates with other users in your company by using an @ sign followed by a user’s name. @Mentions helps draw the attention of specific coworkers to your post. For example, to direct a post to your coworkers, the post would read, “Here’s the latest draft of our corporate presentation. @JimSmith @SamJones, can you please review?” The users you mention in a post will receive an email notification to stay connected to the conversation in Chatter.

Live Updates

Live Updates instantly tells you when there are new posts in your Chatter feed. Simply click on the notification at the top of your feed to see the newest updates—no refresh required.

Trending #Topics

Spring ’11 brings Trending #Topics to Chatter so users get a high-level view of the most common discussion topics. A new section on Chatter Central lists the topics that are currently trending at your company. Simply click on the #Topic link to view Chatter search results of the posts mentioning that #Topic.

Email Replies

Chatter Email Replies gives users the flexibility to comment on posts directly through email. When you receive an email notification about a Chatter post, just reply to the email to generate a comment on that same post in Chatter. Now you can contribute to the conversation wherever you are.

Private File Sharing

The introduction of Private File Sharing in Chatter lets you share files privately and securely with other users so you can forget about back-and-forth emails and large attachments. With Spring ’11, you can share a file with specific users so only they see the file and comments around it.

File Versioning

One of the most common stumbling blocks to a sales cycle is using an old version of a price list, presentation, or product document. Now Chatter Files automatically gives you the latest version, with a view of the version history of a document, right in Chatter.

File Filters

Collaborating on files in the cloud is one of the key ways Chatter accelerates your business. Now, there’s a simple filter on the files tab so you can quickly find files shared with you and files you’ve recently viewed.

File Detail Search

Quickly find the best presentations from your top colleagues with a search right on the Chatter Files tab or in the global search. Search for PowerPoint presentations by your best marketer, proposal letters from your top sales rep, or all Excel spreadsheets that reference a given term.


Spring ’11 brings the best of social networks to Chatter with the new Like feature. By clicking the Like button on a post, you’re automatically connected to that conversation and receive notifications when a coworker adds a new comment. With Chatter Like, you can easily keep track of the posts in your feed that are most important to you.

Recommended Records

In addition to recommending relevant people to follow and groups to join, Chatter now recommends records to follow. Following records helps keep you up to date on important changes to accounts, contacts, opportunities, and more. Chatter recommends records you’ve viewed or edited as well as records you own and aren’t following, so you never miss an important update.

My #Topics

In addition to collaboration, Chatter helps individuals in an organization get to know each other better. My #Topics lets you view a user’s most commonly used #Topics so you can learn what matters most to that person or his/her areas of expertise.

Group Filters

In Chatter, groups helps users get organized, share information, and collaborate on files and projects; however, you may interact with some groups more often than others. With new Group Filters, you can easily filter by groups you manage or ones you’ve recently viewed to get the information that’s most important to you.

Private Group Requests

Private groups are ideal for collaborating on sensitive information. In Spring ’11, joining and collaborating in private groups is even easier with automated Private Group Requests. If a user requests to join a private group, the group owner receives a notification. The owner can manage these requests and approve or deny membership in a queue to ensure the right people are added to the right group.

Dashboard Profile Photos

Now any dashboard chart that showcases people can include profile pictures. Bring your leaderboards and user charts to life by including photos from profiles and groups.

Chart Posts

Start critical conversations with facts, not speculation, by posting any dashboard chart to Chatter. A user who spots an opportunity or problem on a chart can now post that chart to a profile or feed, and employees can collaborate in real time around that data to drive the business forward.

Dashboard Alerts

Now you can leverage the power of alerts to monitor key metrics. Get alerts in your Chatter feed when metrics and gauges cross threshold values you’ve defined. Simply follow a gauge or metrics component with set thresholds (red/yellow/green), and Salesforce will alert you when the value moves above or below any threshold in either direction.

Chatter Mobile For Blackberry®

A lot can happen when you leave the office. With Chatter for BlackBerry, you’ll stay on top of late-breaking updates and keep coworkers informed of your activities from the road. Know immediately when colleagues update records you’re following, respond to posts on your wall, and poll the group for fast answers to customer questions. And with photo uploads, instantly share what you’re seeing with colleagues such as a competitor’s product or a team event.

Chatter Desktop (IT-Managed)

Chatter Desktop is a new way to experience and contribute to Chatter. Spring ’11 brings an IT-managed version to organizations interested in deploying Chatter Desktop to users who don’t have administrator privileges on their machines. With Chatter Desktop, you can post updates, comments, files, and links. You can even filter your feed by group. Chatter Desktop displays pop-up alerts at the bottom of your screen so you’re instantly notified of important updates within your Chatter network. To download the desktop application, navigate to Your Name > Setup > Desktop integration > Chatter Desktop.