High-Quality Leads

Need better leads to keep marketing and sales humming? Jigsaw’s 23+ million clean contacts will help your team quickly reach more decision makers at all levels. Unlike incomplete, inaccurate data from traditional vendors, Jigsaw is constantly cleaned by 1.2 million community members, so it’s always current. That means sales reps get new contacts and marketers can build campaigns—all at a lower cost.

Automatic Data Cleansing

Increase your sales and marketing impact with Jigsaw, using the Data Cloud to gather clean, new data and automatically update your existing data so you can focus on high-impact contacts. With Jigsaw for Salesforce, your data is compared in real time with the information in the Data Cloud, where a community of 1.2+ million individuals contributes and updates contact data on a daily basis.

Data Change Updates

Too often salespeople waste time calling bad contacts or developing forecasts based on out-of-date information. With Jigsaw and Chatter, you’re always informed about your top accounts, contacts, and even leads. Just follow the records that matter to you and then sit back and receive real-time updates in your Chatter feed when anything changes.