Lightning Summer ’16 Release

Lightning is the fastest way to connect with customers, employees, and partners.

Lightning Summer '16

Top Features

Sales Cloud

Favorite Features: Run your business from your phone.

Lightning Voice

Quickly click-to-dial and take inbound calls, right in Lightning

With Lightning Voice, sales can now click-to-dial and receive inbound calls right in Lightning Experience. Salespeople can take notes during their conversations and automatically log calls to the appropriate records fast — all without leaving their workspaces.

Lightning CPQ

Close more deals faster than you ever thought possible

Lightning CPQ streamlines your quoting process, eliminates manual efforts, and helps drive more revenue. Reps can quickly generate accurate pricing and quotes, and approvals are automatically routed to the right decision-makers. Managers get greater visibility into deals and pipeline, and finance gets control over discounts and receives clean orders. What's more, Lightning CPQ increases deal sizes by flagging upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Pardot Engagement Studio

Create, test, and monitor engagement programs from a single canvas

With Pardot Engagement Studio, marketers can see the full picture of their marketing on a single canvas. Compose adaptive campaigns that personalize the journey for every customer. Track campaign performance in the same interface to rapidly adjust and optimize. Deliver campaigns to your salespeople so they can nurture their own pipeline with relevant content.

Contacts to Multiple Accounts

Sell smarter by linking contacts to multiple accounts

We retired over 62,000 points from the IdeaExchange, so you can now link a single contact to multiple accounts. You can view current and historical relationships from either the Account or Contact records and capture all of your information without duplication. You can also capture unique and custom attributes about each relationship, so you can sell faster and smarter than ever before.

Company Info for Leads

Know your leads better with deep company data

Enriched Company Info for Leads is a new Clean feature that automatically enriches lead records with company details. B2B leads can be appended with detailed firmographic and financial data at the moment the record is added to Salesforce, improving how leads are scored, routed, and handled by reps.



SalesforceIQ Inbox

Favorite Features: Get smarter about your customers.

SalesforceIQ Inbox for Outlook

Bring Relationship Intelligence to the world’s #1 email client

Customers can now sell smarter from Outlook with Sales Cloud and Relationship Intelligence technology connected directly to their inbox.

Support for Service Cloud

Quickly create and close cases from your inbox

Customers can now connect Service Cloud and SalesforceIQ Inbox to access relevant customer data on every email, reduce manual entry, and streamline workflows with Relationship Intelligence technology.

Automatic Data Capture for Contacts

Get insights with automatically enriched contact profiles

Get 360-degree contact profiles for all of your customers that are automatically built using data collected from Sales Cloud, social media sources, and third-party providers. With Automatic Data Capture for Contacts, reps can leverage customer data to sell smarter than ever before.

Suggested Salesforce Tasks

Never miss an important customer email

Using data science, SalesforceIQ Inbox analyzes all of your emails and automatically suggests tasks for important customer messages in need of reply. View all of your Suggested Tasks in the SalesforceIQ Inbox Feed and accept them to create new Salesforce Tasks. That way, you'll never miss another opportunity again.

Salesforce Files Integration

Access Salesforce Files from your inbox

With Salesforce Files integration, now you can quickly log file attachments from your inbox to provide context for your entire team. As youn craft an email, you can aslo access Salesforce Files and easily find the perfect attachment to move the deal forward. Salesforce Files integration is available in the SalesforceIQ Inbox Mobile App.



Service Cloud

Favorite Features: Connect to your customers in a whole new way.

Field Service Lightning — Knowledge and SLAs

Complete service from phone to field on one platform

Agents have instant access to Knowledge and Service Levels inside Field Service Lightning. Attach relevant knowledge articles to work orders and help field techs close jobs in a single visit. The Milestone clock allows your company to keep track of important SLAs. Now, you can close cases in the field on time and faster than ever before — ensuring your customers are happy.

Twitter Customer Feedback and DM Prompts

Listen to your customers — and ask for feedback

Service Cloud Lightning integrates two new Twitter customer customer-service. With surveys, customers can rank businesses after service interactions. With DM Prompts, they can easily transition from public conversations to private Direct Messages. With these new features, a company can track your Net Promoter and Customer Satisfaction Scores by allowing customers to rate their satisfaction with your business and take action on low scores.

Active Time Tracker

The best way to measure handle time

Active Time Tracker monitors the total time an agent spends on work. Most companies only track the Average Handle Time — open and closed cases. But Active Time Tracker measures the total amount of time an agent spends on work. As a result, supervisors have a more complete picture to measure performance and improve operational efficiencies.

Launch Pad

Ready, set, go — with one click

Launch Pad offers three out-of-the-box setup templates to help you get up and running faster on Service Cloud Lightning Console, Reports, and Dashboards. Service Reports and Dashboards launch over 20 reports and two of our most popular service dashboards. Now Admins have a safe environment to test new features and roll them back in one click.

Desk 360

Deliver amazing customer experiences at every touchpoint

With Desk 360, you can now view customer service information by case, company, or customer, and get all the context you need to provide an amazing customer experience at every touchpoint.



Marketing Cloud

Favorite Features: Build 1-to-1 customer journeys.

Email Studio

Confidently send 1-to-1 messages with ease

Create, send, and track 1-to-1 personalized emails with Email Studio. Leverage a drag-and-drop UI, built-in automations, and native data science to quickly build and send emails to your target audience, from basic newsletters to the most complex triggered campaigns. Utilize the most trusted and robust marketing platform to deliver great content.

Content Builder

Create and manage highly personalized content at scale

Content Builder provides new content management capabilities with an intuitive user interface for finding and managing content, creating HTML, and sharing and distributing content. With easy-to-use content blocks, marketers will be able to create personalized content at scale, leveraging basic, social, and advanced blocks for 1-to-1 messages without any code.

Marketing Cloud Mobile App

Run your marketing from your phone

Now you can track your performance anywhere and manage your emails, notifications, journeys, and campaigns from your phone. In times of need, the Marketing Cloud mobile app gives you the power to take quick action like pausing, rescheduling, resuming, or canceling an email. Also, you can send performance reports and collaborate by opening the Salesforce1 Mobile App directly from the Marketing Cloud mobile app.

Marketing Cloud Command Center

Deliver real-time insights for your entire company to see

The Marketing Cloud Command Center delivers the ultimate dashboard that not only displays what customers are saying about products and brands, but also how an emal campaign is performing from open rates, sends, bounces, and clicks. The Marketing Cloud Command Center allows you to visualize product and service questions, and reports how quickly you are resolving them.

Lead Capture for Facebook Lead Ads

Automate Facebook lead ads directly into Salesforce

Salesforce launches an end-to-end solution for lead automation from Facebook Lead Ads in a secure and powerful way. Absorb lead information from a single click, activating that information, creating new audiences, and managing the ads at scale.



App Cloud

Favorite Features: Connect to your customers in a whole new way.

Lightning Pages

Easily customize the Lightning Experience with drag-and-drop components

With Lightning Pages, you can customize the Lightning Experience faster. Lightning Pages, which are collections of Lightning components, give you flexible customization for Record Home Pages, App Home Pages, or Lightning Experience Home by dragging and dropping standard, custom, or partner components. Now developers and admins can customize pages faster.

Lightning Security Health Check

A unified stoplight dashboard to manage Trust in Salesforce

Lightning Security Health Check is a unified dashboard to manage security settings across all your Salesforce orgs. Instantly compare your security settings to Salesforce's best practices. Edit settings directly from the dashboard and ensure all your settings are aligned with our recommended standards. Up-leveling your security has never been easier.

Lightning Inspector

Boost developer productivity with Lightning Inspector

The Salesforce Lightning Inspector opens up and improves your Lightning component development, giving you access to a wealth of data about running applications and components. With Lightning Inspector you can easily inspect the structure of your components and their associated DOM elements, identify performance bottlenecks, debug server interactions, and more, faster than ever before.

Lightning User Switcher

Navigate between usernames faster

The Lightning User Switcher enables you to easily navigate between multiple usernames on your Salesforce orgs. Simply select your profile picture to see a list of available usernames, select your desired username, and away you go. Now you can move faster by not having to navigate to the Salesforce login page and type your username to navigate between orgs ever again.

Event Monitoring Wave App

Visualize Salesforce usage data like never before

Now, every Event Monitoring customer will have access to prebuilt Wave dashboards to visualize usage data. From Logins and Report Export, to S1 Adoption and Visualforce Performance, you can get commonly used dashboards out of the box.



Analytics Cloud

Favorite Features: Get smarter about your customers.

Service Wave

Deliver smarter service to your customers

Service Wave is the first analytics app built for Service Cloud customers. Service Wave is natively integrated with Service Cloud and comes with predefined accelerator templates that provide best practice dashboards for service leaders. Service leaders now have the ability to view their key KPIs to deliver smarter customer service.

Wave Collaboration

Collaborate more intelligently with Wave

With Wave Collaboration features, you can change the way you share information with your company by collaborating and sharing insights from any device. You now have the flexibility to run your meetings from Wave with full-screen presentation mode, directly annotate dashboards to receive constant feedback, and export any lens to Excel to share explorations with your peers. Wave Collaboration features give you intelligent tools, so you can get your work done without ever leaving Salesforce.

Wave App Packaging

Deploy Wave apps faster than ever before

With Wave app Packaging, you can now deploy Wave apps in just a few clicks using the same standard packaging as Apps. This allows you to customize your Wave Apps before deploying to your subscriber base so you can easily iterate and review development efforts beforehand. ISVs also have the ability to create, package, and sell Wave apps on AppExchange. The Wave Analytics charting library also gives you the flexibility to upload custom GeoJSON to create any map type to easily visualize your data.

Wave Thematic Maps

Drive more insights by visualizing your data across any map type

You can now represent your geographical data visually with custom maps and out-of-the-box world countries and U.S. state maps. It is now easier than ever to spot regional trends and identify outliers across business metrics, like sales pipeline, inventory levels, and product sales, that are dependent on regional performance.

Enhanced Lightning Charts in Salesforce1

Run your business from your phone with Enhanced Lightning Charts in the Salesforce1 Mobile App

Enhanced Lightning Charts are now available on the Salesforce1 Mobile App, optimized for both mobile and tablet layouts, so you can experience the same beautiful charts across all Salesforce interfaces. With enhanced Lightning Charts on the Salesforce1 Moblie App, you can easily explore your data with new leaderboard charts, funnel charts, and scatter plots to gain insights quickly and stay connected to your business from anywhere.



Community Cloud

Favorite Features: Connect to your customers in a whole new way.

Premoderation and Moderation Controls

Protect your brand with new moderation capabilities

Community moderation allows community moderators to protect their company’s brand. Moderators can review and approve member-generated content and freeze members when they display spammer-like behavior to ensure only quality content is being displayed in the community.

Profile-Based Page Visibility

Easily customize the community for different personas

With Profile-Based Page Visibility, companies have the ability to customize access and the user experience for different groups of users thanks to profile-driven access to the community. With this new level of personalization, companies can help customers now find the answers they need faster by surfacing content specific to their community.

Global Search

Easily search all data connected to the community

The new Global Search for Community Templates give users the ability to search all objects connected to the community — all in one place. Users can easily configure and sort search results by content such as discussions, articles, or topics to help them find the information they need faster than ever before.

Improved Compact Feed

Easily scan and filter community Q&A by view count and popularity

The Improved Compact Q&A Feed allows users to easily view the vibrancy of a discussion by identifying top posts by either view count or popularity. Posts with the best answers can easily be identified with a prominent label to help users find the information they need faster than ever before.

Related Articles

Intelligently recommend articles and questions to your customers

The community can now intelligently recommend articles based on what you are viewing with Related Articles. Help the community quickly find similar articles and guide it to answers they are looking for. Related Articles eliminate friction between your customers and the answers they came to find, ultimately providing a better customer experience with your products and brand.




Favorite Features: Connect to your customers in a whole new way.

Financial Services Cloud

Health Cloud

Lightning Client Lead Conversion

Easily convert Leads into new Clients

Client Lead Conversion allows you to take leads compiled across your team and transform them into new clients by leveraging the new wealth-management data model, and streamlining your workflow so you can spend more time with your clients.

Lightning Advisor Opportunities

Out-of-the-box Financial Advsior Opportunity flow to help you go faster

Help your advisors deepen and grow their book of business with prebuilt best-pratice opportunity flow for financial advisors. All the basic information about each opportunity, such as the type of deal and who’s assigned to it, is laid out. And with a click, you can see all the details of any opportunity.

Full Shield Support

Encrypt data at rest to ensure your client information is always protected.

Financial Services Cloud now fully supports Salesforce Shield, giving financial services firms the added protection they need. New features like Event Monitoring allow you to monitor usage and prevent malicious activity. Native Platform Encryption allows you to protect data at rest with the performance your business demands.

Health Cloud

Full Shield Support

Take compliance, governance, and security of PHI data to a whole new level

Health Cloud now fully supports Salesforce Shield, allowing customers to easily comply with regulations on apps storing sensitive PHI data. New features like Event Monitoring and Platform Encryption allow you to monitor usage, prevent malicious activity, and protect data at rest while allowing full functionality.

Cloud Services

Favorite Features: Help your customers achieve targeted business value faster.

Premier for Financial Services Cloud and Health Cloud

Drive greater adoption and implementation success

Health Cloud and Financial Services Cloud now have Premier Success Plans. Premier Success Plans provide the right combination of training, support, and access to certified experts so customers get the most out of their Salesforce Instance. The Premier Toolkit's newly enhanced features allow you to optimize and derive more value from your Success Plan.

Mission Critical Support for Marketing Cloud

Keep issues from disrupting your business, 24/7

Mission Critical Support (MCS) is Salesforce’s highest end-support offering that ensures business continuity for customers’ always-on needs. MCS now offers support for Marketing Cloud, providing customers with access to an expert support team that proactively monitors the health of their marketing apps.

New Accelerators for Each Cloud

Go faster with better insights, and streamline your processes

With six new Accelerators, specialists will now help with everything from configuring and customizing Lightning, setting up forecasting, and streamlining processes to get better visibility and to help you move faster.

Premier for Shield, Field Service and Premier Toolkit

Maximize the value of your Premier Success Plans

Premier has expanded its Success Plan portfolio to Shield and Field Service. Premier Success Plans provide the right combination of training, support, and access to certified experts so customers get the most out of their Salesforce instance.

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