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KparK and Salesforce: Opening the Door for Customer Satisfaction

Delivering a fine-tuned customer experience with Salesforce.
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About KparK

A specialist in exterior and interior windows, shutters, and doors, KparK, a subsidiary of the KparK Group, has established its position as the French leader in tailor-made solutions (100,000 items manufactured and installed each year) thanks to exemplary customer service. The company relies on Salesforce solutions, including Field Service, to orchestrate all processes (quotes, measurements, installation, after-sales service, etc.).

1. The customer experience: a unique selling point worth its weight in gold

End-to-end support is the trademark of KparK, a subsidiary of the KparK Group. Throughout each project, no fewer than five experts interact with the customer: an advisor in the approach phase; a sales representative to establish the contract; a surveyor to prepare the worksite; a fitter to install the custom-made item, and, if necessary, a service technician who can be called any day of the week to go to the site. To be effective, this rigorous procedure relies on the perfect transmission of information between the various stages. To streamline and accelerate this, 15 years ago, KparK decided to abandon spreadsheets, emails, and unreliable repetitive manual data entry, in favor of an integrated solution: Salesforce.

2. 360° visibility means operational efficiency

With Salesforce, all teams have 360° visibility for each customer in real time. And each piece of information only needs entering once (by the advisor, the sales representative or the surveyor, etc.) as it is instantly updated in the customer file for everyone. Advisors plan the various site visits in the tool itself, which automatically alerts the technicians concerned. Account managers (either at headquarters or one of the brand’s 120 other sites), on-site sales representatives, 20 technical centers including their technicians: everyone has access to the same information in real time thanks to Salesforce. 

“Salesforce gives our customer service team access to all quotes generated by our sales representatives, and gives our technicians live information on installation progress at the customer’s sites. All this is made possible by the cloud,” explains Daniel Angulo, Head of Transformation and Customer Experience at KparK, a subsidiary of the KparK Group.

Home improvements are a source of anxiety for customers. Our first task is therefore to instigate procedures that put them at ease. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our approach.

Daniel Angulo
Head of Transformation and Customer Experience, KparK

3. Operational efficiency means customer satisfaction

Thanks to centralized data, advisors can schedule appointments in less than 48 hours, whether they are looking to gather information or draw up a quote. In the field, surveyors and fitters are equipped with the Salesforce Field Service Mobile App, which contains all the information regarding a job. They can reach customers in just one click,  and no longer have to dig out everyone’s contact information. If an appointment is canceled, the supervisor can allocate the technician to another one nearby, reducing periods of inactivity. “Thanks to optimized information flows, we conduct 400,000 appointments a year, 15% more than before we had Salesforce,” adds Daniel Angulo.

KparK also uses Appointment Assistant to offer a unique geolocation service: each journey is tracked, meaning that the customer can follow the exact position of the technician on an online road map and, consequently, find out their arrival time. This is much more convenient for the customer and also puts them at ease. “We used to give them a two-hour slot, sometimes for a 30-minute job. Now the customer can see exactly when the technician will arrive. They also receive an SMS when the technician is 2 km away to let them know they are close.”

4. Salesforce: a long-term partner

Aware of changing consumer expectations and technological progress, KparK works to continually improve its customer experience. The company constantly examines its options: AI, voice services, chatbots, and all Salesforce innovations.

As a leader in customer satisfaction, KparK needs to innovate and remain as operationally efficient as possible. Salesforce is an essential partner in this.

Daniel Angulo
Head of Transformation and Customer Experience, KparK