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Algo cuts service call times by 80% with Einstein 1 Service.

Discover the telecom company’s plan for smarter customer support using AI-generated insights.
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Algo uses Einstein 1 Service to improve its customer service operations, handling an increase in technical cases with greater efficiency and reduced resolution times.

About the Company

Algo Communication Products Ltd. is a Canadian telecommunications company with over five decades of expertise in creating network-based communication solutions like intercoms, speakers, and displays.

The Challenge

Rapid growth and increased caseloads overwhelmed service agents.

Confronted with rapid growth, Algo saw a sharp increase in technical service cases, each demanding multiple steps for resolution. To meet this rising demand, the company needed a solution that would get new service team members up to speed and handle customer questions more quickly.

How Salesforce Helps

AI helps service agents handle a higher volume of cases and reduces resolution times by 80%. 

Algo worked with Salesforce consulting partner Majente to implement Einstein 1 Service. Now, generative AI delivers accurate case answers that are grounded in case object data and metadata. Majente also improved the quality of these responses by integrating knowledge base articles and Algo’s website. As a result of this collaboration, every case reply is technically-accurate and personalized. 

Algo also uses RAG (retrieval-augmented generation) to improve agent efficiency and response accuracy. Rather than have agents waste time searching through knowledge articles to find answers, RAG uses AI to automatically retrieve the most relevant information to a particular customer question. It automatically sifts through extensive data - structured and unstructured - to augment prompts with relevant context and generate more nuanced and accurate support responses for each customer inquiry. Now, with Einstein 1 Service and RAG, Algo service agents can efficiently manage a higher case volume. This use of AI grounded in all of Algo’s trusted enterprise data has led to an 80% reduction in call resolution times.

Agents speed up response times by 67% to open up more time for upsell and resell opportunities. 

Algo service agents can now resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently, improving response times by 67%. They’re also better equipped to handle complex technical questions, so they need less managerial oversight. This means agents can spend more time ‌identifying upsell and resell opportunities, turning every customer interaction into a potential revenue generator.

Service agents onboard and upskill quickly with 90% AI support accuracy.

Einstein 1 Service has simplified and sped up the onboarding process for new service agents at Algo. Agents can dive right into real-world customer scenarios, using AI guidance to grasp the nuances of Algo's products and handle customer interactions with a 90% accuracy rate. For example, a new agent could immediately address a technical issue with an intercom system, using AI-recommended solutions. This helps the team quickly get feedback on how to respond to questions.

Einstein 1 Service has really changed the game for us. Now, our agents can zip through technical questions and spot chances to upsell in conversations. It's made training new folks a breeze and cut down on the need for constant check-ins from managers. Our team can just focus on doing what we're great at — giving top-notch service.

Steve Ansell
Senior Design Engineer, ALGO Communications

The Salesforce Difference

With CRM, AI, and data connected on the Einstein 1 platform, Algo can create a 360 degree view of every customer and every service interaction. And because AI is built right into the platform, Algo’s service agents can work faster with relevant replies, grounded in its rich customer data.

$ 120K
projected savings within the first year
80 %
reduction in service call resolution times
90 %
accuracy in AI-generated responses
67 %
improvement in response times