Crexi saves its sales reps 5 hours a day with Sales AI.

Learn how Crexi’s sales team focuses 80% of its time on customers when AI takes on admin tasks.
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Crexi’s sales teams save five hours per day on administrative tasks by using generative AI in Sales Cloud. Now, reps focus their valuable time and attention on relationship-building and revenue-generating conversations with customers.

The Challenge

Manual tasks prevent sales teams from focusing on relationship-first conversations

Commercial Real Estate Exchange, Inc., or Crexi, is a marketplace and technology platform where brokers, buyers, and tenants lease, buy, and sell commercial real estate. It’s a business where deals are made through conversations. But Crexi’s sales reps were spending critical time on admin tasks like drafting emails, writing up call notes, and conducting customer research that took up a significant percentage of their day.

How Salesforce Helps

Crexi moves its sales processes into the future with Einstein

Crexi asked Salesforce to provide a compliant solution to optimize its sales process, while protecting the data of its customers. Now Crexi enhances and expedites its sales operation with Einstein

Crexi doesn’t see the future of real estate as robots making calls or sending emails. Rather, the company sees AI as a way to supercharge people’s capabilities. The advantage of generative AI is that it can handle critical tasks that don’t necessarily need to be done by a person.

Sales AI is making it easier and better to work, but not by taking jobs from sales reps. Deals are won by having a conversation, and I think you’re always going to need a person to have that relationship and build that rapport with the customer. What we want to do is leverage AI so that they can do more of that.

Cory Benz
Revenue Operations Manager, Crexi

Sales reps get quick customer insights from AI-generated summaries

Einstein does the time-consuming research, and automatically generates a summary of key insights for each prospect. As a result, Crexi’s sales reps can adjust their strategy for success with these key insights at their fingertips. 

Generative AI also acts as an assistant, producing Call Summaries of conversations and meetings. These concise, structured recaps help sales teams identify key takeaways, action items, and customer sentiment. Sales reps can save and edit these summaries, which provide a single source of information to the sales team. The result is consistent communications across internal teams and with customers.

Sales teams follow up more quickly with AI-generated emails and predictive AI

Crexi’s sales reps send follow-up emails faster, because Einstein auto-generates personalized customer responses based on all of the contact, account, and business history data. If a rep isn’t quite sure how to follow up with a prospect, predictive AI kicks in to offer a personalized recommendation on what the rep should do next. This AI-powered tool, called Next Best Action, scans insights to make the most relevant recommendation.

Crexi improves sales processes with best practices

Insights into Crexi’s most productive sales processes are available for any sales rep to access. As data is captured and stored over time in Sales Cloud, AI gathers institutional knowledge and insights from top sales reps. This information then informs and improves the processes of the entire sales team.

With Sales Cloud and Einstein tackling the administrative tasks, Crexi sales reps can spend time building stronger relationships with prospects and customers.

hours daily time saved per sales rep
80 %
of a sales rep’s day saved to focus on customer engagement