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Ennube sends 5,600% more prospect emails with Einstein 1 Sales.

Learn how AI saves Ennube time writing and proofreading in English with generated content.
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Instead of spending time writing and proofreading sales emails, Ennube’s Ecuador-based team uses Einstein 1 Sales to generate relevant content in English. As a result, Ennube now sells 50% faster and sends 5,600% more prospect emails.

About the Company

Ennube Solutions is a certified AppExchange ISV and consulting partner with offices in Ecuador and Berkeley, California. The company helps enterprises and startups design, implement, and support their use of Salesforce products. 

The Challenge

Email translating and proofreading wastes sales and CEO time.

Ennube is a managed service business that sells into the U.S. But English is a second language for its Ecuador-based sales team. As a result, the CEO often took time away from managing the business to proofread emails. Due to Ennube’s small size, it also didn’t have the resources to create any marketing materials, stunting interest from potential new customers.

How Salesforce Helps

Einstein quickly generates high-quality prospecting emails.

Now, Ennube sales teams can quickly generate emails in English. Einstein 1 Sales creates high-quality sales messages using relevant company and customer data and approved email templates. This gives the CEO confidence in the sales team’s work — and time back in his day.  

Einstein also assists with prospecting. When Ennube shares what the ideal customer looks like, Einstein generates an account with a high likelihood to convert based on past deals.

Salesforce and Einstein empower our sales team to reach new heights faster by taking the guesswork out of sales messaging and building confidence in our approaches and rebuttals. As a sales leader, I’m blown away by the productivity gains of pairing a human with Einstein 1 Platform.

Alex Garcia
CEO, Ennube

Marketing content from Einstein transforms company inbound strategy.

Einstein 1 Platform unlocks access to a whole ecosystem of AI tools, so it can help Ennube create marketing content like blogs and imagery much faster. This has made the company’s inbound marketing strategy much more proactive. With content drawing prospects in, sales and marketing can generate two or three campaigns per quarter.

The Salesforce Difference

As a consulting partner that helps businesses implement Salesforce products, Ennube realizes the value of having sales and marketing tools in one place. When paired with CRM + AI + Data + Trust, these products have the power to uncover new insights and growth opportunities.

Einstein 1 Platform not only gives Ennube insights for more efficient sales and marketing, but it also allows its teams to collaborate over deals. When generated marketing content, prospecting emails, and campaigns are in one place, Ennube can stay focused on the customer journey and close more deals.

50 %
increase in sales productivity
7.5 x
YOY increase in prospects contacted
5,600 %
YOY increase in emails delivered