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Grubhub delivers a 21% sales productivity increase with Sales Cloud.

Learn how the company consolidated its tech, saved money and boosted rep productivity with Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition.
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Grubhub, a leading online and mobile food ordering and delivery platform, combined sales, marketing, and account management data for a single view of every restaurant and customer. By adding AI and automation, the company raised sales activity by 25%.

The Challenge

Tracking the full sales cycle requires a single view of customer data

When Grubhub’s millions of customers are hungry, they rely on the company to deliver from more than 365,000 restaurants across America.

Grubhub already used Salesforce to manage customer data, but didn’t track sales activity or manage outreach and inbound marketing. That meant it didn’t know how long it takes to set up a meeting with a potential restaurant partner or how long the sales cycle should last. Sales, onboarding, and account management teams all used different data and reporting. This made it difficult to track the restaurant sales cycle or the complete history of the customer relationship. 

Plus, Grubhub inherited several business systems after being acquired by Dutch company Just Eat Takeaway. But it didn’t use all of the tech, resulting in wasted budget.

How Salesforce Helps

Grubhub saves time and money by keeping sales data in one place

Instead of using several disconnected systems, Grubhub now uses Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition for a single place to track the entire sales process. This simplifies the sales rep experience, increases team productivity, and saves over $1M in tech spend.

Reps can trust the sales process thanks to Sales Engagement providing recommendations for when to contact prospects and through what channel. Automated prompts guide the rep to make calls, send emails, and engage on social media. As a result, sales activity has increased by 25%.

Sales reps don’t lose time manually taking notes either. Einstein Conversation Insights allows reps to view transcripts from voice or video calls. Plus, they receive call trends and helpful coaching to improve future conversations. With the time saved, the sales team’s productivity has increased by more than 20%.

Sales and marketing data form a clearer picture of the entire sales journey

Grubhub nurtures prospects with automated email journeys to encourage them to join the platform. When restaurant owners express interest, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement pairs them with a sales rep to complete the onboarding process. Sales Cloud saves email exchanges between the restaurant and marketing, so reps can see how engaged leads are and determine the best next step. 

AI-powered lead scoring then automatically assesses this data to rate a prospect. From there, reps can easily determine which ones are most likely to close and adjust their sales strategy.

Sales Cloud offers the full package when it comes to sales solutions. When I found we could actually replace all the external solutions we were paying for by upgrading to Unlimited Edition, it was a no brainer given the massive savings.

Maegan Rolando
Director of Merchant Supply Strategy and Operations, Grubhub

Slack connects sales, onboarding, and management teams for sweet success

Even other teams, like customer onboarding and management, have ultimate visibility into the sales process in real time with Slack. Users can easily collaborate, share context, and suggest the best approach for any given prospect. 

As the team rolls out new processes and announcements, Slack Sales Elevate documents the changes, helping anyone who views the conversation to understand.

25 %
increase in sales activity
20 %
increase in sales rep productivity
$ 1,000,000
savings after tech stack consolidated with Sales Cloud