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Holmes Murphy saves time and millions with automation.

See how this independent insurance company uses connected data to maximize efficiency and ROI.
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Holmes Murphy turned to automation, using connected data to enhance overall efficiency and maximize ROI. The result? It’s saved millions of dollars and thousands of employee hours while delivering better client experiences.

About the Company

Holmes Murphy is one of the largest privately held insurance brokerages in the nation. The company focuses on property and casualty insurance, employee benefits, captive insurance, third-party claims administration, and various specialized lines of business.

The Challenge

Holmes Murphy needed to eliminate data silos and manual processes.

Insurance brokerages and agencies are under pressure to become more organized, efficient, and streamlined to thrive in today’s market. To support ‌the company’s rapid growth, Holmes Murphy needed to make meaningful changes, including consolidating client data, simplifying sales routines, and driving service automation to achieve significant cost savings and time.

How Salesforce Helps

Time-saving sales automation improves operational efficiency.

Holmes Murphy used Sales Cloud to create a simplified client intake form and a producer desktop that visually represents each step in the sales process. This helps keep data consistent and sales procedures organized. It gets rid of spreadsheets, reduces repetitive data entry, and improves sales routines with smart workflows. The sales team also gets better analytics through Salesforce Lightning dashboards. Now, with just a few clicks, they can access key data such as monthly client submission flow, market profitability, and sales goals.

Our teams use automation to simplify how we handle new business, renewals, and so much more. With Salesforce, we’ve achieved millions in cost savings and saved thousands of employee hours while delivering better client experiences.

Andy Smith-Jones
Salesforce Solutions Architect, Holmes Murphy

Automated processes maximize revenue and renewals.

Holmes Murphy used Sales Cloud features like process flows and custom objects to build a client risk indicator — an alert system that flags at-risk accounts. These flags set off automated emails based on several criteria that inform the right people in each department. Holmes Murphy also used automation to reduce unnecessary steps and repetitive data entry during its renewal process. These improvements gave the employee benefits team space to proactively focus on retaining clients, and saved the company an estimated 44,000 hours and $6.9 million.

Streamlined compliance saves time and money.

Thanks to the Financial Services Cloud document generation tool and strategic partners on the AppExchange, the Holmes Murphy client management team replaced its repetitive and time-consuming annual compliance tasks. Now each client gets an emailed package with a benefit booklet and all the required compliance documentation. This new approach freed up time for the team, resulting in a savings of 3,200 hours and $85,000.

Better online claims-filing leads to improved client experiences.

Holmes Murphy worked with Consulting Partner Ascend Technologies to create a portal within Experience Cloud so clients can report and track claims in real time. When a claim is submitted, it triggers a case in Service Cloud, which then creates an action task for the claims team. The new online claims-filing process, helpful email notifications, and informative updates improve the experience for every client. Now 70% of claims are submitted online.

AI-driven marketing strategies ensure the right message at the right time.

Holmes Murphy uses Marketing Cloud to drive marketing automation and operations at scale. This has simplified its technology stack and made it easier for the team to run and report on all marketing activity in a single place. The marketing team uses Einstein AI to turn prospect behavior into personalized marketing strategies. For example, with Send Time Optimization (STO) Holmes Murphy can predict optimal send times to deploy campaigns when recipients are likely to engage. Holmes Murphy plans to extend predictive AI usage to refine their subject lines and copy using the Einstein Copy Insights dashboard. And with a digital marketing preference center, Holmes Murphy makes sure customers get the right messages at the right time.

Plans to implement Financial Services Cloud

Going forward, Holmes Murphy’s technology strategy centers on fully implementing Financial Services Cloud. It will use industry-focused features such as Action Plans and account team roles for seamless client onboarding, and the Discovery Framework to digitize annual requests for information. Financial Services Cloud will provide Homes Murphy with more flexibility and the ability to make adjustments faster and easier.

The Salesforce Difference

It’s more important than ever to free teams from manual tasks and inspire employees to deliver consultation and coverage that keeps clients protected and operating with full confidence. By using Salesforce's unique ability to unite the entire company around a shared view of customers in one place, Holmes Murphy teams can use CRM + AI + Data + Trust storytelling to wow customers. And the Salesforce partner and service ecosystem provides access to resources, best practices, and product experts to help ensure success.

$ 6.9M
dollars Saved
employee hours saved
70 %
of claims now submitted online