Inter personalizes every banking experience with Data and AI.

Learn how Brazil’s first digital bank is leading the way globally toward personalized banking.
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By tailoring messages to different groups of customers, Inter achieved sky-high conversion rates and ROI. As Brazil’s first- ever digital bank, Inter also found a way to safely add AI to its business by quickly building an app on Slack.

About Inter

Banco Inter is Brazil’s first 100% digital bank. A digital pioneer in the country’s financial landscape, Inter offers free checking, personal, corporate, and microenterprise accounts; loans and credit cards; and investment and insurance services.

The Challenge

Leading the way to AI with a single view of customers.

In three years of high growth, Inter’s customer data started to spread across six different sources and 103 streams. Each customer might own multiple products, leading to duplicate records and irrelevant messages. Inter needed to connect with customers on a more personal level by uniting marketing, sales, web, and mobile app data in a single view.

As a pioneer in digital banking, Inter also wanted to lead the way in AI while managing risk and data privacy. By combining a single source of truth with AI, Inter could view each customer’s current products and predict what they’d need next.

How Salesforce Helps

Connected data makes every interaction feel personal.

Salesforce helps Inter unify customer profiles across data sources and engage them at every touchpoint. Data Cloud then segments the data into audiences to deliver the most timely communications with the right product offers. On average, this efficiency has helped Inter eliminate 1.5 hours of meetings per day.

Inter also uses Tableau to instantly analyze customer profiles and their preferences right in the flow of work. With Tableau and Data Cloud together, Inter can track the webpages customers visit and how often to recommend relevant products. This generates engagement scores for each customer, helping Inter create more than 3,500 new audience segments. By making each experience more personal, Inter increased conversion rates 35x and overall ROI 20x.

Generative AI app built on Slack makes teams more productive.

At first, Inter was concerned about the security risk of employees using outside generative AI apps. But with Slack, the company built its own InterGPT app in just days. Now, over 1,000 Inter developers can write and review product code in any development language.

Service employees also use the app to search the company’s knowledge base, generate answers to customer questions, and translate responses. This has saved each employee on average 30 minutes per month and led to $13,000 in monthly savings in productivity. 

For example, when a customer needs help buying a new car, reps must first check InterGPT to navigate Brazil’s many financial regulations. The app quickly serves up recommendations on what services the company can legally offer or not.

Slack is the perfect dream. CRM, AI and data come together to help us anticipate our customers’ needs and develop new products.

Lucas Caputo
IT Governance Analyst, Inter
20 x
more ROI
35 x
more conversions
$ 13 k
saved per month