Iron Mountain achieves peak productivity with Einstein AI.

Learn how generative AI suggests replies and articles to help agents resolve more cases.
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​​Iron Mountain, a global information management services company, uses Einstein to save time for its service agents. With AI-generated support replies that include links to relevant support articles, agents can close cases faster.

The Challenge

Manual orders and case resolution were slowing down customer support

Before, Iron Mountain’s service agents had to switch between multiple apps and databases to gather enough context for each customer’s order or inquiry. The order process was manual and information was located in different places, forcing agents to swivel chair between different systems. Agents also had to search the knowledge base manually, resulting in long lead times and a growing backlog of inquiries. Despite massive amounts of customer data, agents couldn’t easily access it and use it meaningfully.

How Salesforce Helps

Generative AI boosts agent productivity with automated service replies and knowledge base updates

Before Salesforce, service agents using Live Chat spent a lot of time searching for the right details to draft a case reply. Now, Einstein automatically generates personalized case replies, based on past cases and the knowledge base, that lead to a 80% close rate. Agents review the suggested reply and edit as necessary before sending, although 76% of AI-generated responses don’t require any editing at all. Meanwhile, 85 percent of service agents rated Generative AI responses as extremely helpful, contextual, and accurate while reducing the repeat calls by 8 percent.

With every resolved case, Einstein automatically creates new knowledge articles. This helps Einstein improve the quality and accuracy of support for similar cases in the future. And it keeps Iron Mountain's knowledge base current without additional maintenance. 

Agents can also move on to their next case quicker, thanks to Work Summaries powered by Einstein. When a case is complete, Einstein automatically generates a summary based on the case data, conversation, and transcript history. Agents now spend less time manually detailing the notes after each case. Due to automation routing, chat abandonment rates decreased 70% from 5% to 1.5%

Service agents keep cases moving with predictive AI

Iron Mountain service agents handle a high volume of cases across phone, email, and chat. Einstein looks at the details of each case to recommend the best article to help close it thanks to predictive Article Recommendations. This saves agents from having to manually search the knowledge base, so they can close cases faster.

Unlocking the power of Service AI is a gateway to unparalleled efficiency in case management. It is paving the way for streamlined solutions that redefine excellence in service.

Tim Butler
Digital Transformation Leader, Global Service Delivery, Iron Mountain

Integrated systems mobilize a mountain of data

Iron Mountain uses the Einstein 1 platform to get the right data, generating the right responses from AI, fully integrated into their service workflows directly into Service Cloud. With this, MuleSoft empowers both agents and Einstein with a unified holistic view of each customer. 

8 %
reduction in repeat calls
~ 10 %
decrease in average handle times
70 %
decrease in chat abandoment rates