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Susan G. Komen® helps 600% more patients with Health Cloud.

Learn how the organization consolidates patient data for personalized breast cancer support.
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Susan G. Komen® built its online Patient Care Center on Health Cloud to reshape how it delivers personalized, supportive care.

About Susan G. Komen

Susan G. Komen®, the world’s leading organization in the fight against breast cancer, is dedicated to providing comprehensive, personalized support to patients.

The Challenge

Better breast cancer care demands a unified view of patient data.

Susan G. Komen®’s mission is to save lives by meeting the most critical needs in its communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer. The organization needed a full view of all patient data to better coordinate care, follow-ups, and patient support while giving patients self-service options.

How Salesforce Helps

A comprehensive view of the patient journey in Health Cloud has helped 600% more patients over three years.

When Susan G. Komen® built its new Patient Care Center with Health Cloud, it connected patient data and care delivery in a whole new way. Now, with an easy-to-use solution tailored for both patients and Komen navigators, Komen can see detailed patient profiles, track each patient’s breast cancer journey, and help coordinate access to care. From a single console, Komen navigators can provide individualized support, track interactions, initiate referrals, manage follow-ups, share resources, and more. Since rolling out these features in 2020, Susan G. Komen® has been able to help 600% more people.

Precise data helps providers navigate the patient care continuum.

Susan G. Komen® has made the care journey smoother for patients, whether they need financial assistance or have a question about a mammogram. Built-in dashboards in Health Cloud provide insights into patient trends, helping the team arrange tailored, comprehensive support. And with all of this powerful data easily accessible in one platform, the organization can power personalized and meaningful communications in Einstein 1 Marketing. As a result, 40% more people are using Komen’s Salesforce-powered patient portal. 

Automating routine care tasks reduces barriers to personalized care. 

Health Cloud helps Susan G. Komen® automate the essentials — like establishing personalized care plans, handling financial assistance requests, and scheduling patient follow-ups. This means care teams can focus on what matters: supporting patients. For example, Komen sets automatic tasks for Komen navigators to check in with clients at key milestones in their journey. Similarly, Komen can automatically evaluate a patient’s financial assistance eligibility so they can get needed support faster. This efficiency helps care teams provide timely, personalized care. 

We are committed to addressing each person’s unique needs on their breast health journey, and Health Cloud enables us to provide high-quality, patient-centered care. The 55,000-plus people we serve through the Patient Care Center each year count on us to provide the individualized and compassionate support that Salesforce helps us deliver.

Rick Aranson
Senior Director, Mission Operations, Susan G. Komen

The Salesforce Difference

Salesforce brings together CRM, AI, and comprehensive patient data to help Susan G. Komen® to elevate the standard of breast cancer care. With AI built into the platform, the organization gets quick access to personalized information and ensures every patient interaction is informed and effective.

600 %
more patients helped since 2020
40 %
increase in online patient engagement