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Neolait creates product descriptions in minutes with AI.

Learn how Einstein 1 Commerce helps the agribusiness write user-friendly content and improve productivity.
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Neolait uses Einstein 1 Commerce to add over 1,300 product descriptions to its website in just minutes, boosting employee productivity and capacity.

About the Company

Neolait is a French agricultural company that formulates, manufactures, and supplies nutritional solutions worldwide.

The Challenge

Time-consuming copywriting tasks cut into employee capacity

Neolait faced a challenge with its extensive product catalog: the labor-intensive task of writing and updating thousands of product descriptions for its website. The company needed a way to speed up the copywriting process while making sure product descriptions met quality and regulatory standards.

How Salesforce Helps

AI augments, not replaces, Neolait’s employees

Einstein 1 Commerce quickly translates complex product details into easy-to-understand content for its website — in both English and French. The content is also optimized for SEO, ensuring the company can grow its digital presence to attract new customers. 

Neolait customizes AI prompts to meet regulatory requirements 

It’s not just about delivering product descriptions for the website; the company also must ensure each one meets strict regulatory standards. To do so, the company is able to regularly adjust the AI prompts used to generate the descriptions, which means that Einstein continues to deliver compliant descriptions even as standards change. Neolait is also experimenting with ways to use Einstein to predict future trends in the market and auto-generate responses to customer questions. 

Our journey with Salesforce's AI has been transformative. It's not just about speed; it's about delivering quality and precision in every aspect of our digital presence.

Soraya Darkaoui
Digital Marketing Manager, Neolait
1,300 +
product descriptions created with AI