Sunnova generates quotes faster to bring solar power to more homes.

Learn how the energy services provider uses automation to accelerate the transition to clean energy.
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Sunnova connects data from internal and third-party data sources to generate quotes faster, automate business processes, and bring solar power to more homes.

What you need to know

Sunnova needed a solution to connect its dealer network with its in-house software and automate interactions with external platforms. Using MuleSoft, Sunnova built intelligent automations to personalize energy systems both on its software platform and with external applications, helping more customers generate their own renewable energy.

Residential solar has been steadily gaining traction over the past decade, offering numerous advantages. Not only does solar and battery storage benefit the environment and provide peace of mind during blackouts and natural disasters, but it can also offer customers more affordable power compared to traditional utility rates.

While there are approximately 100 million homeowners in the United States who have the potential to tap into the power of the sun, the current reality is that only 4 million are utilizing solar energy. Sunnova is on a mission to transform this landscape, with the goal of extending solar energy services to the remaining 96 million homeowners.

What the difference looks like

The cornerstone of Sunnova’s success is its ability to easily and safely share necessary data across its entire ecosystem in a way that’s consistent with its rigorous data privacy protections — across internal operations, with its dealers, and with local jurisdictions. Here’s what Sunnova’s success looks like with MuleSoft:

Generating quotes faster

Sales reps use data from homeowners and local jurisdictions to see which products a homeowner qualifies for. Then, reps can quickly generate personalized 3D models to show customers what the home will look like. If a customer has preferences about where to place the panels, reps can make real-time updates on the model. Now, Sunnova streamlines the time from initial lead creation to contract signature, and can generate energy designs and contracts in less than 15 minutes.

Providing homeowners with powerful analytics

Sunnova makes it easy for customers to understand the long-term value of its products. MuleSoft helps connects homeowner data from the local utility and other sources in a single proposal, giving reps insight into how much energy a home will optimally produce over the next 25 years.

Enhancing the customer service experience with AI

Because Sunnova can easily see data from third-party systems like grid services and solar meter providers, it can easily track the performance of its hardware and then automatically create any necessary work orders in Service Cloud. Service agents can also resolve cases faster, thanks to predictive AI that recommends the right preventative maintenance for each homeowner.

Automating routine tasks to save employees time

Sunnova’s finance team uses MuleSoft RPA to automatically publish payment documents to portals, speeding up payment processing for employees — and for customers.

To receive renewable credits, the company must share data with local jurisdictions. Many of those jurisdictions may have outdated technology that can make it difficult to share data easily. Now, Sunnova can integrate with any partner technology — regardless of how modern it is — thanks to MuleSoft RPA.

Powering the future with AI and automation

Sunnova plans to use AI to predict customer behavior and help balance home energy output and distribution so customers can save money. The company will also expand how it uses RPA to automatically read and categorize hardware barcodes on installed solar panels rather than manually typing out serial numbers. With hundreds of installations daily, reducing even a few minutes on each barcode will save significant time.

1K +
dealers enabled on their sales platform
32K +
system sales supported per year via dealer API connections
25K +
registered sites per year to receive renewable energy credit