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Learn how AI-generated service replies and recommendations increase repeat bookings by 20%.
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Turtle Bay Resort uses Einstein 1 Service to deliver more tailored activity and experience recommendations that help guest satisfaction soar.

About the Company

Nestled on O‘ahu’s legendary North Shore, Turtle Bay Resort spans 1,300 pristine acres with 12 miles of nature trails, seven secluded beaches, 408 ocean-view rooms, 42 Ocean Bungalows, a 468-acre Kuilima Farm, championship golf course, and Nalu Spa, with activities including surfing, kayaking, horseback riding, biking, helicopter tours, and more. Turtle Bay Resort is a sustainable and completely self-sufficient resort, cultivating all of the ingredients for its restaurants directly from the property.

The Challenge

Limited data and personalization capabilities restricted tailored guest experiences. 

In today’s hospitality industry, guests increasingly expect tailored experiences. Turtle Bay Resort’s existing booking system for island excursions wasn’t sophisticated enough to segment guests based on detailed preferences and past interactions. This made it hard for the resort to easily recommend the ideal activities for each guest. It needed a simple way to integrate the data, segment the audiences, and offer the right adventure to the right guest — every time.

How Salesforce Helps

Turtle Bay Resort uses a complete customer view to offer tailored adventure suggestions.

First, Turtle Bay Resort needed to bring all of its customer data together. With Data Cloud, the resort pulls together guest data — like preferences, booking history, and resort interactions — in one place. Now, Turtle Bay Resort can create targeted guest segments based on all of this data — instantly. Adventurous couples get one set of excursion offers. Curious families get a different set. Everything is personalized, based on consolidated data.

The resort also identifies guests who prefer luxury experiences and uses Einstein 1 Marketing to send them specialized email campaigns with exclusive adventure offers. These targeted campaigns have led to a 20% increase in booking conversions and a 15% rise in repeat bookings for adventure experiences. 

To bring all of this to life, Turtle Bay Resort teamed up with Salesforce consulting partner Thunder. With Thunder’s expert guidance, Turtle Bay Resort has generated additional revenue while serving up a more personalized guest experience. Thunder not only helped with implementation and strategy during this project but they also built a custom propensity AI model that identifies the excursions most likely to appeal to each guest. Marketing and guest services teams use these AI insights to personalize pre-arrival communications and use a custom guest console powered by Service Cloud to encourage on-site conversations about the experiences.

Personalized web content increases engagement by 40%.

With its guest data in one place, Turtle Bay Resort can use Einstein 1 Marketing to personalize each guest’s online experience, too. For example, when couples use their custom guest console to reserve an evening snorkeling session, Einstein uses data in Marketing Cloud Personalization to recommend other adventures they might like. These recommendations are grounded in historical booking data, as well as preference and behavior data from each guest. The result? Turtle Bay Resort knows guests are seeing relevant excursion recommendations that will make their stay even better. In fact, personalized web content for known users has led to a 40% increase in user engagement. 

AI-generated replies boost concierge efficiency by 50%.

The concierge service at Turtle Bay Resort  uses Einstein 1 Service to quickly handle a wide range of guest questions, whether about dining options, room amenities, local activities, or transportation arrangements. Einstein uses the resort's comprehensive knowledge base to offer accurate, personalized responses to guests’ queries, whether they’re asking about pool hours or arranging a special event. The concierge team can review and edit the suggested replies, if necessary. As a result, the concierge service is 50% more efficient in providing guests with prompt, informative replies. And with the launch of Einstein Copilot, Turtle Bay Resort’s service team can engage its conversational AI assistant in the flow of work and receive a trusted response agents can act on to amplify guest experiences.

We are dedicated to delivering the most incredible experience for each and every single one of our guests, personalizing their stays to their needs and wants. The Salesforce Einstein platform makes it easy for us to achieve this.

Lynette Eugenio
Director of Marketing, Turtle Bay Resort

The Salesforce Difference

With Salesforce, Turtle Bay Resort can bring together guest data from every source and unite it in a single, connected CRM, with a 360-degree view of every customer. And with AI built right into the platform, the resort can anchor personalized recommendations in its up-to-the-minute data to keep guests coming back year after year.

20 %
increase in booking conversions
40 %
increase in customer engagement
50 %
improvement in concierge efficiency