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Wiley sees 213% return on investment with Einstein for Service.

Learn how the publisher implemented AI-powered service to cut costs and boost productivity.
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With Einstein for Service, Wiley uses AI to automate its customer service processes, increasing agent productivity and improving data quality.

About Wiley

Wiley is a publisher and a trusted leader in research and learning. Its industry-leading content, services, platforms, and knowledge networks are tailored to meet the evolving needs of customers and partners, including researchers, students, instructors, professionals, institutions, and corporations.

The Challenge for Wiley

Service call spikes during peak times required agents to work more efficiently.  

Thousands of students use Wiley’s educational resources every year. As a new school year begins, there's a surge in the number of service requests. To keep up with demand, Wiley hires more agents to cover the seasonal increase.

As the company adds resources, all agents must learn about new products and services. The extra time needed for training and onboarding cuts into agent productivity, which takes time away from providing great customer experiences.

How Salesforce Helps Wiley

AI-powered service boosts agent productivity and reduces seasonal hiring costs.

In 2020, Wiley began using Service AI to manage its customer service operations. AI-powered chatbots help customers resolve common issues on their own, freeing up service agents’ time so they can focus on more complex cases. With increased agent capacity and efficiency, Wiley no longer needs to hire as many seasonal agents, even as its business and number of support cases grow.


The generative AI capabilities in Einstein for Service further boost agent productivity. Einstein helps agents draft responses, grounded by the critical business context contained in Wiley’s knowledge base and trusted CRM data. This means agents can spend less time searching for information and answers, and more time helping customers. It also helps new agents ramp up faster, as Einstein drafts accurate replies for them. With the help of AI, Wiley can now onboard seasonal agents 50% faster, leading to a 213% return on investment and $230,000 in savings.

Einstein AI creates case summaries to save time and identify trends.

When a case is complete, Einstein summarizes the conversation, so the next person or supervisor can get caught up quicker. Wiley uses these summaries to spot trends, provide product feedback, and deliver better customer experiences.

Einstein recommends messaging with AI that’s grounded in our knowledge base. So it gives agents comfort knowing they’re giving customers the right answers. Einstein creates speed and confidence.

Kevin Quigley
Senior Manager, CS Technology & Solutions, Wiley

Automation identifies supplier incidents and helps prioritize product enhancements.

Wiley also uses automation to enhance incident tracking. Einstein identifies cases that might be related to a supplier issue and automatically classifies them. This helps Wiley track cases back to suppliers and hold them accountable. For example, if the company notices that turn-around times through a specific distributor tend to be longer, then Wiley can use this data to substantiate a call for improvement with that distributor. Wiley then uses this data to help the product team prioritize product enhancements.

The Salesforce Difference

Einstein for Service provides trusted recommendations that are accurate and relevant because they are powered by Wiley’s customer data and knowledge base. With Einstein for Service, predictive and generative AI are built natively into their agents’ flow of work, which helps Wiley empower new agents, deflect cases, resolve complex cases faster, and optimize their overall service operations. And all of this drives better experiences for both customers and agents.

213 %
return on investment
50 %
reduction in agent training time and cost
$ 230K
annual cost savings