Wonolo agents decrease handle times 20% with AI-generated replies.

Learn how AI instills confidence in employees to provide the best answers for customers.
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Wonolo improves agent efficiency, confidence and consistency using AI-generated chat replies. As a result, the company has decreased average handle times by 20%.

What you need to know

Wonolo, which stands for “Work Now Locally,” relies on positive human interactions to help workers (or “Wonolers”) thrive in jobs at customer locations. When customers need help promoting new jobs or Wonolers need assistance with paperwork, AI-generated chat dialogue helps agents increase efficiency and reduce handle times 20%. The prompts also make it easier for agents in other countries to confidently provide answers in English.

Why it matters

At Wonolo, AI enhances the human touch instead of suppressing it. Non-native English-speaking agents find generated prompts especially helpful in confirming the right replies for every situation. With added agent confidence, Wonolo can shorten training times, build a consistent brand voice, and reduce agent turnover.

It’s apparent Salesforce takes their time developing AI and working with companies like ours to understand needs, whereas others just focus on getting a product to market today.

Adam Ashworth
Senior Salesforce Admin, Wonolo

What the difference looks like

Managing transactions and job requests between Wonolo’s two audiences in a custom database was time consuming for engineers. The company needed a more efficient solution that could handle its data volume and customization needs.

Now, agents have a 360-degree view of customer data and the ability to resolve cases faster with Service Cloud. Wonolo splits agents into two support groups based on their skillsets and the audience they serve. Omni-channel routing, queues, and case record types help agents serve both audiences more efficiently. Knowledge articles keep agents informed on topics like Wonolo’s trust and safety policies.

AI instills employee confidence

Human relationships are crucial in the job market. Wonolo sought a service platform that offered AI for greater agent efficiency, but didn’t feel robotic or unnatural. Wonolo found that Service Cloud Einstein provided the most human-like messages compared to other tools it evaluated. Plus, Einstein replies with three prompt options in two to three seconds, while other tools take five to 10 seconds for replies.

  • AI helps build agent confidence with situation-appropriate chat replies, especially among Wonolo’s Philippines-based teams. Despite being fluent in English, reps often felt self-conscious about their speaking skills. Now, generated text boosts agent confidence in every situation by ensuring customers receive a consistent, helpful response.
  • Wonolo has decreased chat handle times by 20% on initial implementation with newer agents. Among more senior agents, the tools decrease handle times 12%. Internal survey results even show new agents find the tool extremely impactful, especially at the beginning of their employment.
  • This also reduces the amount of time needed to train new agents, as managers don’t feel the need to oversee conversations. More confident agents also means less employee churn, which is especially helpful in a high-turnover field.
  • Customers now ask less to speak with a specific agent. Company leaders suspect this is due to the level of consistency Einstein Service replies provide regardless of which agent sends them.

More efficient across the business

Beyond support, other Wonolo teams use Salesforce to improve sales and operational efficiency:

  • With jobs across the U.S. and Canada, the sales cycle is even more complex with different job classifications and requirements for background checks. Wonolo reps previously tracked customer lead conversion in Google Sheets. Now, lead tracking in Sales Cloud allows Wonolo to nurture prospects and grow relationships throughout the customer journey.
  • Wonolo’s operations team uses Service Cloud to check on Wonolers and ask questions like “Did you complete your training?” or “Are you ready for your first day?” Likewise, the team uses Salesforce account tasks and activities to contact customers with reminders about new employees joining soon.

Behind the scenes

As a pilot customer of Einstein functionality, Wonolo receives regular implementation guidance from Salesforce Professional Services.

“One of the biggest advantages of Salesforce is how much the people running these programs care,” said Ashworth. “We consistently have access to everything we need, and that speaks broadly to how much more successful I truly believe Salesforce AI will be in comparison to other products.”

20 %
decrease in average handle time (AHT)
seconds for AI replies compared to 5-10 seconds
5 +
hours saved in one week with 11 agents