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Customizable storefront technology helps YETI build a new web experience in just 4.5 weeks.
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In just four and a half weeks, YETI built a fully customized, guided online experience for its drinkware campaign with Salesforce’s composable storefront tools.

What you need to know

YETI, the global designer, retailer, and distributor of innovative outdoor products, is known for its premium and durable drinkware, coolers, and outdoor gear — and memorable customer experiences to match. Instead of using the Commerce Cloud storefront templates it employs across, YETI wanted a fully customized experience to guide visitors through its drinkware portfolio. Commerce Cloud’s Composable Storefront gave YETI the freedom to combine existing templates with all-new composable storefront technology through a hybrid storefront approach.

Customers expect compelling shopping experiences from unique brands. Salesforce makes it easy for YETI to innovate an entirely new, customized experience while keeping its existing storefront intact.

Storytelling and bringing people together have always been the core of the YETI brand. We wanted to make sure that as soon as our customers landed on our site, they felt immersed in our story, felt like a part of our community, and recognized how our products would enhance and extend their time outdoors.

Vab Dwivedi
Vice President, eCommerce, YETI

What the difference looks like

Here’s how YETI is improving the online shopping experience with Salesforce:

  • Because the composable storefront is “headless,” YETI can move quickly and make frequent changes to the experience without impacting the backend. When YETI wants to create a new website experience, phased deployment allows the team to start where they'll have the biggest impact and launch quickly. This way, YETI benefits from faster time to value instead of waiting for long implementation cycles. For example, the company launched its recent All Day Drinkware campaign in just four and a half weeks.
  • Design features like background video create an immersive browsing experience without extending page load times. Unique scrolling features guide users through a shopping journey instead of a standard product catalog. Customer-first design has helped YETI increase mobile conversion rates 63% year over year.
  • Plus, YETI personalizes the online experience further with content, campaigns, offers, and recommendations tailored to each customer. With Commerce Cloud Einstein, AI suggests products based on shoppers’ past purchases, geographic region, and even their favorite outdoor adventures.

YETI prioritizes the customer experience after purchase, too:

  • Previously, the YETI team consulted spreadsheets, multiple systems, and even sticky notes just to answer one customer question.
  • YETI has reduced call center costs and support times by consolidating customer data into a single source of truth in Service Cloud. And because Commerce Cloud and Service Cloud are connected, agents have the context of customer data to personalize support and close cases faster. Customer service reps can even place and modify orders on behalf of a customer.
  • Consumer insights from Tableau help YETI better meet customer needs while also scaling for rapid growth. YETI’s sales operations group can track sales performance of specific products by geographic region, helping ensure products are properly stocked based on customer demand. Tableau also provides a single source of truth for YETI to monitor cross-channel sales data from its e-commerce, retail stores, and third-party retailer data sources.

weeks to develop new web experience
63 %
YOY increase in mobile conversion rate
3 to 1
service systems consolidated