5P Consulting is a Trailblazer

This consulting company puts values and customer experience first.


5P Consulting helps companies disrupt industries, not families.

Growing a successful small business is no small feat. But growing a small business dedicated to changing the way one of the biggest industries in the world works? That’s something else entirely.

For Y’vonne Ormond, the decision to start 5P Consulting in 2016 came after 20 years working on technology solutions for some of the largest companies in the world. She had an idea for a different type of consulting company, one driven by values and customer experience, not industry standard KPIs like utilization and billable hours.

There was another reason Ormond wanted to start 5P. Two, actually: her kids.

5P Consulting is a Trailblazer in consulting services.

“It was a pivotal moment in my life. I had decided to leave the corporate environment to create something bigger than just me,” she said. “I had children I wanted to have dinner with each night instead of being away at work or traveling. I wanted the autonomy to build something with amazing customer service.”

She also wanted to let her employees work from anywhere, so they too could be with their families more. Ormond’s vision for 5P Consulting was nothing short of disrupting the way a hugely profitable industry had worked for years. Salesforce Essentials helped 5P Consulting pull it off without disrupting Ormond’s own family.


There are five Ps that guide 5P’s mission.

The new business was founded with a focus on measurable return on investment for clients, and a stated mission to give back to the community. When it came time to name the business, Ormond asked, “What are the triggers that we focus on with our engagements?” The answer was the five Ps: people, process, products, profit and loss, and priorities.

Those principles guide 5P Consulting’s work today, as it helps client organizations improve their own productivity by building and improving upon business systems to leverage employee strengths and technology best practices. Most of 5P’s clients are enterprise-size companies, spread across various industries but bound by a shared desire to enact digital and process transformations on their business systems.

By focusing on client success, 5P is able to thrive in the huge and competitive management consulting industry. “We come in and understand what the current business problem and ongoing strategic need is first,” Ormond said. “We come up with actionable solutions to improve how they operate, and then we enable the solutions with technology.” 5P offers complete tech stack and roadmap evaluations, as well as implementation and integration of ERP and CRM systems.

Another thing that differentiates 5P in the consulting world is that it doesn’t have a sales team. “Our team is results-focused, and our framework provides transparency to our clients, so they never have to guess where their project is at or where their money has been spent,” Ormond said. Each of 5P’s 20 team members has a business and technical delivery background; the 5P consultant who meets the client during pre-sales conversations delivers the project from end to end. Ormond said this creates a culture of partnership with clients all the way through the customer lifecycle.


Salesforce Essentials is a new tool for a new way of delivering value.

This progressive approach to consulting has paid dividends for 5P’s clients and employees alike. The approach also demands a new way of running 5P’s own business. Even though it’s a small company, the 5P team found themselves dealing with information silos as its practice grew. Though quite familiar with CRM, 5P hadn’t invested in a system itself because Ormond couldn’t find a solution that fit her small team’s price point and needs.

Employees lived in their inboxes — as many small businesses and service organizations do — without any way to share real-time status updates on sales meetings, project progress, and client communications. They were bound by email and manual file sharing. This proved especially challenging when the team was focused on winning new clients, since there was little visibility into individual team members’ activities and progress.

Then, in 2017, Salesforce launched Salesforce Essentials, its first product built just for small businesses. Ormond found what 5P had been looking for.


The Salesforce you know and love, built for how small business works.

“I was ecstatic when Salesforce Essentials launched,” Ormond said. “Here was the Salesforce we knew and loved, but built for small business needs, and at an affordable price.” Essentials included the same functionality 5P consultants knew from client work using Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Enterprise Edition. Now they could use it internally.

With Salesforce Essentials, 5P’s leadership team tracks all consulting engagements in Chatter. Every member of the team shares notes on conversations with prospects and clients, and Lightning for Gmail and Files Connect make it fast and easy to sync external docs to Salesforce without having to switch apps or even screens.

With so much of its business handled over email, 5P also benefits from Salesforce Inbox, which uses Einstein Activity Capture to automatically log emails and meetings to their respective account records. 5P recently started integrating DocuSign as well, and plans to fold in project management tools, time tracking, and financials this year.

That’s led to measurable results: To date, 5P has realized a 50% overall time savings from Einstein Activity Capture alone.

A surprising bonus? Ormond is able to lead by example, showing the rest of 5P how many prospects she engages with on a daily basis. Visibility into her work encourages healthy competition among the team members, which helps propel the business through slower months.


Learn how 5P achieved 998% ROI with Salesforce Essentials.


Salesforce Essentials is the Salesforce we knew, but built for small business needs, and at an affordable price.”

Y’vonne Ormond | Founder/CEO

Enjoy the journey and give back to your community.

Having worked with many businesses over the years, and founded one other company before 5P Consulting, Ormond knows what it takes to found and grow a company. Her advice to prospective small business leaders? Don’t give up. “One of the most important traits you need to have when you're starting a business is really just perseverance,” she said. “Not every activity in your business needs to have an outcome. Just enjoy the process and appreciate that it's going to take a little bit of time.”

That said, anything a small business can do to save itself time is worth its weight in gold. For 5P Consulting, Salesforce Essentials is the answer. Instead of writing emails and holding one-on-one meetings, Essentials provides company-wide visibility into client meetings, project status, and other vital business information. “Salesforce Essentials really cuts down how we manage our sales cycle. We're not spending a lot of time asking each other what's going on, because we can see it all in Essentials,” Ormond said. “You can do that while you're laying in bed at night, before watching ‘Yo Gabba Gabba!’ with your son.”


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