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Streamlining systems and processes leaves customers smiling at Align Technology.

Medical device company Align Technology designs and manufactures the Invisalign® system, the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, and iTero® intraoral scanners and services. Innovations in technology have made it possible for Align Technology to improve the smiles of 8 million people worldwide as of 2019.

Align is reimagining and reinventing the way orthodontic and restorative treatment is presented and delivered to millions of people around the world through its network of Invisalign-trained doctors.
To keep pace with growth and global expansion, Align saw opportunities to improve its internal technology and evolve how it engaged with doctors. This included changes to disparate systems, outdated analytical tools, and customer service.

Align Technology is a trailblazer in making orthodontics accessible.

Since its founding in 1997, Align Technology has been a trailblazer in digital orthodontics - constantly innovating to bring new and better solutions to doctors that have transformed smiles and improved lives for more than 8 million people worldwide since it launched the Invisalign system in1999.

However, legacy systems made it difficult for the company’s employees to provide optimal support to their customers — orthodontists and dentists — and their patients, the end-users of Invisalign aligners. The company turned to Salesforce for help. Together, they developed an integrated cloud-based solution that could help sales, service and marketing teams interact more meaningfully with customers and end-users, and be easily scaled to accommodate future growth across multiple markets.

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Unlocking data gives sales and service teams a boost.

Siloed data meant that Align Technology’s employees didn’t have a single view of the customer. As a result, they weren’t able to access a customer’s complete history during interactions, hampering their ability to resolve customers’ issues quickly and easily. The company realized it needed a whole-of-business approach to customer relationship management that also allowed it to build capability in specific areas.

“To grow and scale globally, we needed a platform that had the agility and flexibility to support all of our different go-to-market models,” says Sreelakshmi Kolli, Align Technology’s Senior Vice President, Global Information Technology.

By rolling out Salesforce’s Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud across its business, Align Technology has been able to transform how employees manage interactions with customers. Teams now have a complete view of customers’ information. This enables customer service representatives to access a full history without switching between systems. As a result, they can deal with inquiries more efficiently, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction. Sales representatives can access data from anywhere, ensuring they have the information they need, whether it’s a new or an existing customer.

Strategic thinking makes the most of marketing opportunities.

Align Technology had relied on email marketing, but realized it needed a more strategic approach. It turned to Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, which allows the company to track what customers are saying and doing across a variety of touchpoints, nurture relationships with prospects, and build marketing campaigns.

The company also uses artificial intelligence from Salesforce in the Einstein Discovery functionality to capture and analyze data from customers and end-users, this allows sales representatives to identify the opportunities that are most likely to convert. Strategic decision-making is made easier with the help of Tableau CRM, which allows sales teams to analyze real-time data and proactively address any issues.

Meaningful experiences drive customer engagement.

Creating more meaningful experiences for both dental professionals and consumers who are the Invisalign system’s end-users has been a key priority for Align. It uses cloud-based apps, built with the Heroku developer tool on Salesforce’s Lightning Platform, to drive greater engagement. These include the SmileView mobile app, which applies machine learning algorithms to a potential patient’s selfie to show them a simulation of what they would look like after treatment. Consumers can also enter their location into the Doctor Locator app and find an Invisalign provider in their area. Invisalign providers can access the Invisalign Doctor Site, a self-service portal to upload patient records, review treatment plans, check the status of an order, sign up for training courses, and engage with their peers.

In addition, individual teams are able to build their own apps on the Lightning Platform, which enables Align to develop and release new apps more quickly than in the past. “The Lightning Platform allows us to focus more on the content, business processes, and engagement journey, rather than on the technology side of developing, testing, and releasing a new app,” says Kolli.

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