Faced with a stagnant golf market at home, American Golf dramatically increased its online presence, becoming the go-to stop for golfers all over Europe before they hit the green.

As online traffic for American Golf and its partner company Onlinegolf reached a saturation point and plateaued, it became evident that both brands needed a new solution to reach their goals and continue their momentum. 

“We simply didn’t have the capacity to meet the brands’ goals for breaking into new territories and delivering an omni-channel experience,” said Pat Foley, head of Ecommerce.

Enter Commerce Cloud, our scalable, cloud-based ecommerce solution. With Commerce Cloud’s extensive global capabilities and speed to market, American Gold was able to break into new markets and launch new ventures, such as an all-new U.K. site.

In addition to helping them expand into new regions fast, Commerce Cloud also empowered them to explore new channels. For example, both brands have been able to boost their performance and increase customer satisfaction with new mobile-first initiatives.


Thanks to Commerce Cloud, both brands have grown their online presence.”

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