Amica builds on its stellar customer service with CRM.

Salesforce is going to accelerate our ability to leverage all our information and take action on it.”

Peter Moreau, CIO
3,800 employees
Salesforce customer since 2016

J.D. Power Award for being the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among National Homeowner Insurers.”


Amica is raising the standard for insurance customer service with CRM.

For the past 16 years, Rhode Island-based Amica Mutual Insurance Company has won the annual J.D. Power award for being the “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among National Homeowner Insurers.” That helps explain how Amica has achieved enviable customer retention rates, despite its use of disconnected legacy technologies.

“We’ve won many awards and our customers stay with us for a long time, but we’ve been doing it without CRM technology,” said Peter Moreau, Chief Information Officer. “Today, when our customers contact us, they expect us to know them. Salesforce and Guidewire will enable that, accelerating our ability to use our data and take action on it, improving first-call resolution and overall customer satisfaction.”

Amica is a Trailblazer in leveraging technology to improve customer service.

To improve the customer experience, Amica implemented a new systems upgrade called CARE — Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Engagement. With the help of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, the CARE system will take Amica’s customer service to even higher levels, while also driving increased revenue growth and internal efficiencies.

As a mutual insurer (one that’s owned by its policyholders), Amica already has customer-centricity in its DNA. “With Salesforce, Amica will get even better,” said Moreau. “Salesforce is going to accelerate our ability to leverage all our information and take action on it.”

A unique partnership between Salesforce and Guidewire launches new apps for producers and service reps.

Since 2016, Amica has used Guidewire InsuranceSuite to improve customer service levels by streamlining and unifying its operations. The first joint customer of a new property and casualty partnership between Guidewire and Salesforce, Amica is deploying Guidewire ServiceRepEngage and Guidewire ProducerEngage for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to make agents and customer service reps more effective.

“Our vision for the Salesforce and Guidewire partnership is to position us to do an even better job of executing, day in and day out,” said William Fitzgerald, VP of Sales and Client Services. “The partnership will enable us to harness and leverage more pertinent information within Guidewire’s systems. At the end of the day, it will help create a seamless experience for our representatives, which in turn, will support a better customer experience.”

Smarter, speedier service magnifies Amica’s growth opportunities.

Amica’s policyholders should benefit the most from the joint solution. Some of the benefits that Amica anticipates are increased first-call resolution rates and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

“We expect that CARE will enable Amica representatives to deliver more actionable insights sooner, which will lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction,” said Fitzgerald. Those actionable insights are expected to also yield higher sales conversion rates, improved lead ratios, reduced acquisition costs and increased success in cross-selling. “With all of the capabilities in Salesforce and Guidewire, we anticipate a positive impact on all the various policyholder touchpoints,” he added.

“We’re giving our sales teams the best tools on the market,” said Sue Haney, Assistant VP of Corporate Information Systems. “So they can improve their efficiencies, sell more policies, and provide even better service to customers.”

Digital marketing and AI help guide Amica’s future direction.

By tying its marketing campaign tools into Financial Services Cloud, Amica representatives will be better able to advise policyholders on how to make the most of their insurance policies. “I can foresee being able to leverage some AI functionality down the road,” said Moreau, “to get to that next best action for our customers, and analyze which leads are the best to follow up on.”

Ultimately, the pairing of Salesforce and Guidewire will further support Amica’s mission of creating peace of mind and building enduring relationships with its policyholders. “In addition to enhancing the customer experience it will help us identify where we’re doing well and where we can improve,” said Fitzgerald. “What actions are most impacting our sales growth? Where are we seeing opportunities to focus more effort and energy? We really feel confident that Salesforce is going to help us address those questions.”


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