The way Signature Support has handled our issues has created a sense of confidence and comfort for when a big issue does strike. For a crisis, I would feel confident with Signature Support.”

Director of Application Support, Enterprise Technology

An A+ Review for Angie’s List

Signature Success Plan helps the popular review site maintain customer trust as it expands access to its website.

Angie’s List is a review site with a critical difference: each consumer review on its site—more than 10 million—come from real, confirmed customers. They’re authentic. Customers know they can trust the content and recommendations.

But with growth and success, the company has run into new challenges—like the time Angie’s List added a free membership tier to let people browse listings and write reviews, and had 700,000 new members jump on board in the first month.

Suddenly, Angie’s List had to take steps to safeguard its own reputation for reliability. While it was scaling for rapid growth, it couldn’t afford to have technical troubles force downtime. It had to be dependable, to win new members’ loyalty and, eventually, their upgrade to a paid membership. Also, the new free option relied on advertising, and to deliver value to advertisers, site stability was critical.

Scaling fast and building trust

“For nearly six years, we’ve depended on Salesforce products to manage our customer relationships,” says Angie's List's Director of Application Support. The company turned to Salesforce for a solution.

Part of that solution was Signature Support, a feature of the Signature Success Plan. Signature Support proactively monitors Angie’s List’s Customer 360 Platform, detecting minor issues before they become big problems. Signature Support backs up Angie's List's in-house team with an agile support team that responds immediately to problems of any size 24/7, shares best practices, troubleshoots, and provides deployment support.

When Angie’s List was introducing live chats via Salesforce Live Agent,Signature Support helped in a big way. These chats connect members to agents in real time, where they can get help finding better matches with service providers. It was critical to get this new capability right.

“These changes are driving more interaction with more members than ever before,”

the Director of Application Support remarked. “We’re trying to move many of those interactions directly into online chats using Salesforce Live Agent. Live interactions are becoming critical to us.”

With Signature Support, Angie’s List could monitor the new solution, and optimize quickly. For instance, at one point, live agent queues started spiking, with each agent getting four times the normal number of open chats. Signature Support moved quickly to rule out the Customer 360 Platform as the source of the problem and uncovered bugs in the company’s Visualforce pages.

“Knowing what the root of the issue was did a lot to quiet the panic,” says the Director of Application Support.

Standing on solid ground

Often, the Signature Support team takes care of issues before Angie's List needs to address them. One morning, the Director of Application Support woke up to a 6:15 a.m. email about a system problem. Then he saw another one, sent 10 minutes later, saying the problem had been resolved.

Their team uses Signature Support to look at system performance and analytics and proactively clean up issues. “While there haven’t been any earthquakes, Signature Support has helped us deal with plenty of tremors before they became earthquakes,” he says. Without Signature Support their Application Support team would have to spend more time dealing with those tremors.

The Signature Support team helps make my own team better,” he says. “The way Signature Support has handled our issues has created a sense of confidence and comfort for when a big issue does strike. For a crisis I would feel confident with Signature Support”


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