We were growing fast at Angie’s List, adding about 50 salespeople every month to the advertising sales team alone.”

Angie’s List built its success on helping millions of consumers find the best service providers in more than 700 categories. So when the company started its search for a CRM solution, they insisted on a partner with an equally sterling reputation. “The power of Angie’s List is our reputation as a trusted resource,” says Josh Mayes, Enterprise Technology Senior Manager at Angie’s List. “What we found is that Salesforce brings the same credentials to the table.” Angie’s List, once known as the nation’s trusted resource for local service hiring, has evolved into an ecommerce marketplace for local service as well as a trusted consumer review site. The company has more than doubled in staff size with recent announcements for more aggressive growth in the near future. Rapid growth is a problem many companies would love to grapple with, but it does present challenges for recruiting, onboarding, and retention.

In two years, my team went from five managers and 61 reps, to 16 managers and 202 reps.”

To address turnover, sales managers use coaching tools from Work.com to schedule 1:1 coaching sessions. Because managers are using the Salesforce Mobile App, these sessions can be conducted anywhere on or off the company’s beautiful Indianapolis campus, which creates a casual environment and encourages personal bonding. All reps are evaluated on 6–8 key performance metrics measuring specific behaviors. Managers can track, report, and capture feedback from sales rep coaching sessions. The result has been dramatically improved sales team performance: 10 percent increase in average monthly sales per rep, accelerated onboarding, and reduced turnover—all of which are critical to improving customer satisfaction. “Since day one, our success has been driven by word-of-mouth and personal referrals. Salesforce is helping us create that same peer-to-peer dynamic among our workforce,” says Mayes. That initial success with Work.com coaching led to a growing partnership between Angie’s List and Salesforce. Executives are using customized Salesforce dashboards to gain real-time views of call activity, monitor the sales pipeline, and work with sales reps on resolving contract issues. Sales reps and Account Managers are using Salesforce to log calls, update meeting notes, and identify opportunities. “The initial implementation happened in less than three months, which is ridiculously fast,” says Mayes. “And we immediately saw high levels of user adoption. On a corporate level, Salesforce allows us to scale in ways we couldn’t before.”

After rolling out Sales Cloud to its entire 1,200-person advertising sales team, next up for Angie’s List is implementing Service Cloud for the other half of their business, the member services group. At the same time, the company is in the process of migrating legacy data over to a cloud-based API integration with Salesforce, so that every employee can easily access a 360-degree view of the entire customer lifecycle.

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