When it comes to ecommerce, label manufacturer Avery Dennison covers the globe.

When it comes to ecommerce, label manufacturer Avery Dennison covers the globe.


Avery Dennison adheres to its goal of global success.

Avery Dennison makes everything from mailing labels to car wraps to medical tape. Its products are used in nearly every major industry. As a material science and manufacturing company, Avery Dennison finds solutions for consumers across the world.

Salesforce B2B Commerce lets customers make their decisions online and see their order history. That’s going to help with customer satisfaction and increase sales.”

Dimitri Savelieff | CRM Developer, Avery Dennison

Streamlining global operations can get sticky.

According to a study by McKinsey & Company, about 46% of business buyers are willing to buy online if their supplier gives them that option. However, only a fraction of suppliers offers that capability.

Avery Dennison’s ecommerce platforms varied in each region it served. In Europe, it had a mature platform, but no public-facing site. In North America, only one business unit had ecommerce coverage. Its system in Latin America was antiquated, and it had zero ecommerce presence in Asia.

Avery Dennison held customer information in a Salesforce platform, but that system did not include order information. Customer service and sales representatives had to retrieve claim order numbers in Salesforce and then go into another system to find order information. It was time for Avery Dennison to upgrade its system and streamline its ecommerce.

Avery Dennison activated Salesforce B2B globally.

For Avery Dennison, deploying Salesforce B2B Commerce was a no-brainer. Avery Dennison had been using the Salesforce platform to connect customer data for nearly 15 years. Because they already had technical knowledge of Salesforce, Avery Dennison’s developers could develop, enhance, and maintain the new platform themselves rather than rely on partners.

In Europe, the company’s deployment included a public-facing site where European customers could view product information. In the Asia-Pacific region, Avery Dennison quickly went live with a site that allowed customers to view order and claims history, view the public product page, and request quotes.

In China, where business is done via the messaging solution WeChat, mobile is essential. So Avery Dennison integrated WeChat into B2B Commerce for its customers in China and is prepping Einstein Bots (chat bots that enable quick, accurate service) for global deployment.

In North America, the company rolled out the ecommerce platform with all the bells and whistles right alongside the new ERP system.

Avery Dennison connected ecommerce across the globe.

With Salesforce as a partner, Avery Dennison now has:

An ecommerce presence in every region it serves

More effective reports for sales and customer service representatives that allow them to better target prospects and provide improved customer service

Merged customer data and order data

Incorporated text messaging applications to create greater access to clients and prospects, particularly those in China


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