With Salesforce, we can stay at the forefront of the finance sector and technology innovation.”

Jes Staley | Barclays Group CEO

Barclays unlocks new opportunities with greater engagement.

Barclays is seeking to tap a massive digital market in banking, relying on an array of Salesforce products to help it “wow” the customer.

From apps and artificial intelligence to automation and APIs, the banking sector and customer experience are being transformed by technology. Thousands of fintech startups have entered the market over the last couple of years, and established banks, such as Barclays, need to join the disruptive ranks to remain competitive.

Barclays is no stranger to innovation: It unveiled the world’s first ATM in 1967. And it’s been pioneering the use of technology across its business and customer base ever since. It has even created a team of “Digital Eagles” to help empower colleagues, customers, and local communities. “We want to create opportunities for people to rise,” said Jes Staley, Barclays Group CEO. “With Salesforce, we can exploit technology to revolutionize how we understand and respond to people’s needs. It turbo-charges what Barclays is all about.”


Brokers no longer have to search in different places for information; there is just one one platform — and it's accessible from any device.”


Barclays blazes a trail in personalization.

Barclays moves, lends, invests, and protects money for millions of customers worldwide. Despite the growing use of technology across its business and the banking sector, Barclays continues to invest in its network of 1,000-plus branches and 120,000 employees. “We actually have more tellers now than 50 years ago,” said Staley. “Human empathy combined with technology is what transforms the customer experience.”

Thanks to this powerful combination, Barclays is connecting with its customers more than ever before. “We used to engage with customers around once every six weeks when they visited a branch; now we have about 11 million customers engaging with us digitally every day in the U.K. alone,” said Ruchir Rodrigues, Barclays Senior Managing Director for Digital Banking.

This equates to around 2.1 billion customer interactions a year, which represents a massive amount of data — and a massive opportunity. “With Salesforce, we can augment our transactional data with insights into customers’ future needs,” said Rodrigues. “It opens up new possibilities and enables us to have more relevant conversations that map to life events, such as buying a house or planning for retirement.”

New insights drive richer customer conversations.

Barclays uses Salesforce DMP and Marketing Cloud to unlock these insights from a range of sources, including customers’ social media posts, colleague conversations, and digital interactions with the brand. This goldmine of data will enable Barclays to undertake personalization on a massive scale — the bank has 24 million customers on its books in the U.K. alone.

“Building emotional connections and having personalized conversations with customers is where the magic happens,” said Lisa Blythin, Transformation Director for Barclays UK. “With Salesforce, we can wow our customers by understanding and meeting their individual needs — and do it at scale.”

Barclays’ personalization efforts encompass every customer touchpoint — from popup ads on third-party websites and campaign emails to mobile app notifications. “A bank is now something you can carry in your pocket,” said Rodrigues. “With Salesforce, we can enrich the mobile banking experience and offer incentives, such as our Blue Rewards, to encourage greater customer engagement.”

Empowering colleagues to work faster and smarter.

Barclays can also enrich the colleague experience. It has developed a new solution, founded on Financial Services Cloud, which provides relationship managers with timely and accurate information on premier customers using a mix of artificial intelligence, social monitoring, and propensity models.

It’s estimated the solution will help reduce the time needed to prepare for a customer meeting by approximately 80%. With around 1 million premier customers and 900 relationship managers in the U.K., that’s a big saving. “The solution will transform how relationship managers work,” said Blythin. “Instead of having to look in multiple systems for customer information, they will have a single Salesforce dashboard at their fingertips.”

Seamless integrations support open banking.

To deliver a 360-degree view of its customers and achieve its vision for truly connected finance, Barclays needs to bring together both disparate applications and datasets. “We have nearly every type of system you would expect of a bank,” said Rodrigues. “With MuleSoft, we can create seamless integrations that support open banking. It stitches together data and customer experiences, making it easy for us to do business with our customers and partners.”

Barclays managers can also tap into new insights about market trends, customer behaviors, and team performance, which are accessed via dashboards.

Unlocking new opportunities.

Despite its scale and age — the bank was founded in 1690 — Barclays needs to stay nimble and innovative, especially as more digital disruptors enter the market. “With Salesforce, nothing is off limits,” said Blythin. “Innovation at Barclays is like a snowball: It’s growing and gaining momentum.”

With Trailhead, Barclays can ensure its colleagues understand — and realize — the full potential of Salesforce. “Trailhead is a fun way to engage with new technology,” explained Doina Popa, CIO for the Salesforce Practice at Barclays. “It helps stakeholders from across the business increase their knowledge and see the opportunities.”

A companion for your financial journey.

The bank has already demonstrated its ability to innovate at speed: The solution for premier relationship managers was launched in a matter of months instead of years. The managers were heavily involved in the design and testing of the new solution, which will be extended to other areas of the business in the future. “Our premier relationship managers are blazing a trail for the rest of the organisation,” said Blythin.

With its commitment to truly connected finance, Barclays is also blazing a trail for the rest of the sector. It doesn’t just want to be a bank for its customers, it wants to be a companion for everyone on their financial journey. “We want to be there digitally for people whether they have an account with us or not,” explained Rodrigues. “We need to stay relevant to customers, corporates, and partners who are looking at the world through a different lens.”

With technology, regulation, and customer relationships all undergoing massive change — one thing remains constant in the banking sector: the need for trust. “Barclays has an enormous responsibility to society, its customers, and local communities; we want to deliver our products and services with transparency and integrity,” said Staley. “With Salesforce, we can stay at the forefront of the finance sector and technology innovation. It is one of the five key partners that we have around the world.”


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