Discover how Bossini takes their brand worldwide with new ecommerce approach.


Bossini uses Commerce Cloud to drive international growth.

Over the past 30 years, Hong Kong-based retailer Bossini has established a $3.25 billion business. With nearly 1,000 stores across Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Middle East, the company needed a partner to drive its next major phase of growth — both online and off. It found one in Commerce Cloud.

Before that, the company hoped to use ecommerce to expand to the U.S., Europe, and other Asian countries. However, its previous digital commerce solution was inflexible and prone to failure during high-traffic flash sales.

“I spent most of my time working with IT when I should have been working with marketing to grow our business,” said Vincent Hung, Senior Manager of Ecommerce at Bossini. Determined to deliver growth, the team made the switch to Commerce Cloud.

Sales skyrocket on mobile — and beyond.

Bossini’s first new ecommerce site launched eight months after signing with Commerce Cloud. It began to pay dividends shortly after.

Bossini’s ecommerce sales have grown about 40% since the site debuted. Its new responsive website has attracted mobile shoppers in spades: Hung said that sales from mobile devices went from zero to about one-quarter of all ecommerce transactions. At the same time, its website has seen a nearly 40% increase in registered users.

Traffic has increased 50%, returning visitors increased 30%, and average page load time (an important indicator of user experience) dropped by more than one-third.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a real partner. They understand our business and growth plans, and want to help us perform better.”


Scalability was a must, and it’s paying off.

When choosing a new ecommerce platform, one of Bossini’s major requirements was scalability and reliability in handling flash sales (one-day deals on specific items that generate high traffic). The company’s first flash sale after launching on Commerce Cloud Digital proved a big success.

When compared to their previous flash sale, Bossini saw a 70% increase in transactions, a 60% increase in items sold, and a 40% increase in site traffic.

Additionally, the new Bossini website was named one of the “Top 10 Ecommerce Websites” by Retail Asia Expo and GS1 Hong Kong.


Bossini sees a bright future in personalization.

Fueled by these successful results, Bossini’s next step is to develop personalized shopping experiences, and to strengthen customer engagement by embracing more of Commerce Cloud’s innovations. Its ecommerce strategy also includes further omni-channel capabilities and online-offline integrations.

“With our previous platform, if we wanted to enter a new market, we’d have to spend a large amount of money on extra hardware to build an upgraded infrastructure,” said Hung. “With Commerce Cloud, we can just replicate our ecommerce platform on another POD.”

“There are high expectations on us,” he said, adding that Commerce Cloud’s “shared success” model gives him confidence the expansion will be smooth. “[Salesforce] is a real partner. They understand our business and growth plans, and want to help us perform better.”

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