Discover how Brooks Running Company hit its stride with shopper experiences.


Brooks builds long-running success with Commerce Cloud.

Brooks Running Company has cultivated a running experience — including high-performance products, personal service, and a ‘Run Happy’ attitude — that has earned it the leading position at specialty running stores.

Hoping to connect with customers across any digital device or channel, Brooks built a strong team and infrastructure to keep pace with runners’ evolving needs. Since moving to Commerce Cloud, Brooks has exponentially grown its ecommerce team and online sales. Part of that move included a brand refresh and a mobile responsive website.

“The new site was designed to elevate the digital experience for runners everywhere,” said Meredith Han, Senior Director of Global Ecommerce at Brooks. “Using responsive web design, social integration, and online tools, we are able to focus on better ways to bring our products and services directly to runners, wherever they are.”

“With [Commerce Cloud], we don’t have to worry about IT,” said Han. “We can remain 100% focused on what we do best — high-performance running gear made by the best biomechanical experts in the field.”

Brooks accelerates site performance and user experience.

Since partnering with Commerce Cloud, Brooks has created an optimized experience for mobile users. It’s also improved site performance and customer satisfaction.

Following the site launch, Brooks achieved a double-digit improvement in conversion of mobile shoppers compared with the same time a year prior. Plus, its Shoe Advisor tool quickly became one of the most used features of the website.


We know that Commerce Cloud will be able to grow with our business, providing best practice advice and an ecommerce platform that will help us accelerate international expansion and achieve peak market performance.”

Customer-focused features make strides to enhance brand loyalty.

The Shoe Advisor is just one of the online tools implemented by Brooks to help runners identify shoes that fit their needs. The Switcheroo also allows runners to find a shoe by entering information about the current model they run in.

Because Brooks believes in having customers run in their shoes to ensure a perfect fit, the company has a “True Blue Guarantee” — a no-questions-asked, free, 30-day return policy. Brooks has also made it possible for satisfied runners to easily share and upload pictures of their shoes or connect with Brooks’ growing global running community by clicking on any of the social integration features on


A team of Trailblazers makes it all possible.

These and other enhancements were all possible with Commerce Cloud. As Han said: “The [Commerce Cloud] platform is highly adaptable and has seamlessly powered our business growth and peaks in site traffic from day one.”

Since 2010, Brooks has successfully scaled and evolved its online business using Commerce Cloud. “[Commerce Cloud] provides all the tools to deal with change, which is incredibly powerful,” said Han. “For example, mobile was just a blip in 2009. If you fast forward to today, it is a significant portion of our overall traffic and grows double digit year over year.”

The Commerce Cloud community has also proved to be a valuable resource for Brooks to evaluate partner vendors and trade notes with other retailers on subjects such as channel traffic breakdown and what is reasonable to expect.

“The incredibly rich client community has been a huge benefit,” said Han. “Leveraging benchmark data and connecting with other clients of all sizes and business models has definitely helped us from a resource and organizational standpoint.”

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Future plans sprint ahead.

Brooks will continue to leverage Commerce Cloud to improve the user experience and expand digital commerce regionally. Future plans include accelerated involvement and engagement with internal subject matter experts and various functions at Brooks for better product storytelling and presentation.

Brooks relocated its EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) headquarters to Amsterdam to foster global growth. Commerce Cloud supports Brooks in EMEA with ecommerce site launches that reflect local language, culture, and preferences.

“We know that [Commerce Cloud] will be able to grow with our business, providing best practice advice and an ecommerce platform that will help us accelerate international expansion and achieve peak market performance,” said Han.


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