We saw 10 percent of car hire bookings during the initial test period come from a single email campaign powered by what we learned from our Email Segmentation Accelerator.”

Glen Lowis Head of CRM, Cartrawler

For nearly three years Cartrawler has relied on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to coordinate B2C email campaigns and customer engagements. But despite their success, Cartrawler suspected they were only scratching the surface. When it came to maximizing the potential of Marketing Cloud, they didn’t know where to start.

“The question I used to dread getting from my boss was, ‘is our customer database growing or shrinking, and by how much?’ It was a question I couldn’t really give an answer to at the time,” remarked Glen Lowis, Head of CRM at Cartrawler. “We really believed in the technology behind our Marketing Cloud, but we didn’t have it configured properly for certain metrics and couldn’t get the answers we needed.”

For help, Cartrawler turned to their Premier Success Plan. Their Success Manager worked with them, one-on-one, to understand their needs and develop a clear, long-term strategy for success.

“We used to be the ones asking questions about how to improve our Marketing Cloud platform or fix specific issues,” Lowis said. “But once we started working with our Success Manager, they started asking us questions about our goals and needs.”

Once Cartrawler’s needs and goals were clear, their Success Manager recommended Marketing Cloud Accelerators: unique, goal-oriented, targeted engagements designed to help customers achieve specific results with their platforms. The Accelerators were led by an Accelerator Success Specialist, a Salesforce expert who could provide specific recommendations and implementation support.

“Our Accelerator Specialist wasn’t trying to sell us anything,” Lowis added. “They wanted to know what we expected out of our platform and how their expertise could help us.”

Ultimately, Cartrawler took advantage of three different Accelerators: one each to improve reporting configuration management, information extraction, and email segmentation. And each time, their specialist made sure Cartrawler’s team understood the best practices, configurations, and latest improvements for their platform.

“At first we were skeptical because our Accelerator Specialist recommended accelerators on tools we already used. But then we saw features we didn’t even know existed and realized the accelerator’s value,” added Lowis. “Our Accelerator Specialist also showed us how we could improve our automation practices. We knew these tools existed, but they showed us how to use them more effectively.”

After each Accelerator, Cartrawler applied the newly-learned best practices across the rest of the platform. Each Accelerator taught Cartrawler valuable lessons about how to better manage reporting, track information across its Marketing Cloud, and leverage it into more effective email campaigns.

By participating in these Accelerators, Cartrawler learned more about its customer base, improved engagements, and boosted ROI. And the Salesforce team stood by to answer questions along the way.

“Both our Success Manager and Accelerator Specialist worked closely with us throughout the Marketing Cloud Accelerators and I cannot speak more kindly of them.” remarked Lowis. Since then, Cartrawler has improved the accuracy and agility of its email campaigns. The Email Segmentation Accelerator taught them how to send more direct, personalized email. Click-through rates have improved from 2 percent for generic campaigns to 10 percent on targeted campaigns.

“We even saw 10 percent of car hire bookings during the initial test period come from a single email campaign powered by what we learned from our Email Segmentation Accelerator,” said Lowis.

With a firm grasp on its customer database, Cartrawler is able to stop focusing on short-term fixes and start looking ahead at its long-term, strategic goals.

“The Marketing Cloud Accelerators ultimately renewed our belief that Salesforce cares about the growth and success of our company.” said Lowis.

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