We place a huge value on good training, and the way we use Premier+ Success to deliver this is unique.”

Cara Conner, Salesforce Developer, CBT Nuggets

CBT Nuggets specializes in online, video-based training to help IT professionals develop their skills through fun, motivational self-learning. Now, with the help of Premier+ Success, the company has extended this mission of digital career training to its own employees.

“We place a huge value on good training, and the way we use Premier+ Success to deliver this is unique,” said Cara Conner, the company’s Salesforce developer. The company uses a comprehensive, online training catalog, available through Premier+ Success, to tailor personal training plans for each employee. As Conner explained, this catalog helps the company’s internal training advisor research what people need to know to do their jobs better. “Then, he can access training modules that are helpful for each individual,” she said.

Conner herself has depended on the online training content since joining CBT Nuggets as the sole Salesforce administrator. It continues to play a major role as her team expands. She and her colleagues are “expected to be the experts on every new tool” and the champions for the Salesforce platform. As the company adopts new Salesforce products, Conner and her team use online training to come up to speed quickly and implement best practices.


Premier+ Success training libraries allow our internal training advisor to research what people need to know to do their jobs better. Then, he can access training modules that are helpful for each individual.”

Cara Conner, Salesforce Developer, CBT Nuggets

A novice on Salesforce, Conner was essentially on her own at the beginning, with no one at CBT Nuggets knowledgeable enough to train her. On her first day, the sales team manager handed her a sticky note with the Premier+ Success account number on it. This number became her lifeline.

“I was brand-new on this platform that I didn’t know anything about,” Conner said. “I called Premier+ Success with any questions I had, and I got immediate answers. I was able to open as many cases as I needed to, and somebody always got back to me quickly.”

Conner filed tickets at the beginning to get help with configuration. As she studied the training modules, she needed basic support less. When she did file a case, however, the Premier+ Success team always responded the same or next day.

The few times CBT Nuggets needed fast resolution, the Premier+ Success team immediately took charge of the issue. Conner recalled a time, just after the company had transitioned to Salesforce Live Agent from another chat software. A technical bug suddenly prevented CBT Nuggets representatives from seeing customer messages. Chat plays a critical role in lead generation and customer experience, so CBT Nuggets leaders demanded fast resolution.

“We needed to get this fixed immediately, and we needed to keep our management team up to date on the status,” Conner said. Within a few hours of reporting the problem to Premier+ Success, a support agent set up a web meeting to walk through the problem and start investigating the root cause. “The agent was able to communicate internally how important this was to our company, so that Salesforce escalated the issue to fix the problem quickly,” Conner said. “And they kept us updated throughout the process to let us know what was going on.”

As Conner adds to her team, and the company expands its use of Salesforce products, she anticipates relying heavily on Premier+ Success for onboarding and training services.

“I’m hiring a new employee to support Pardot, and that person will use our training library and will be able to open support cases as they learn to handle marketing requests,” Conner said. “We will expect that person to get trained quickly. Premier+ Success will provide them with anything they need to know to get the job done.”

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