Salesforce gives us the ability to move from a very bespoke, old-fashioned insurance company, into the modern era.”

Even the most successful companies need to take a step back and re-evaluate from time to time. For 160+ years, CGU has provided insurance to individuals and businesses in Australia. One of the country’s most recognized brands, it works with an impressive network of partners to deliver high-quality insurance products and advice to customers—but the company wanted to do more to build and leverage these relationships. “When we took a closer look at the business, we realized we were in danger of losing sight of what our partners and customers really needed from us,” explains Ben Bessell, General Manager, Broker & Agency. “Teams had become siloed and were missing out on opportunities by not sharing and interacting with each other. And, while we had great relationships in the market, these weren’t always translating into business results.” CGU launched a strategic program to unite its teams and organize around partners. The company tapped Salesforce to connect the underwriters that develop products with the business development managers (BDMs) that sell them, and provide a single view of business information. The program was so successful that Salesforce is being extended to include operational and claims teams so everyone can get a complete end-to-end view of the business. The company is also uses Chatter to keep everyone connected. Employees use it to collaborate, share files, and ask questions, secure in the knowledge that their communications stay within the business.

Our people can have rich and focused conversations with partners, at any time.”


Salesforce also helps CGU better understand its partners and their priorities. With a shared view of every interaction, there’s less double handing and inconsistent answers and service. “Our leaders can also see real-time sales information and a holistic view of the Broker & Agency business, which drives growth and better service outcomes,” says Bessell. CGU is introducing a new partner portal so partners will have up-to-date and relevant documents, policies, and processes at their fingertips to support real-time customer conversations. With Salesforce, CGU sales teams can engage with partners on iPads and access up-to-the-minute data wherever they are. “Our people can have rich and focused conversations with partners, at any time,” says Bessell. Mobile devices are also revolutionizing on-site risk assessments, and digital photos in combination with geo-codes enable the company to quickly generate accurate and timely quotes. For CGU, connecting with partners goes beyond the sales team. The company places high importance on listening to customer sentiment and uses Sales Cloud to do this across all social channels. “We want to be the most admired insurer in our market, so we want to use every piece of customer and partner information we can access to improve customer service. Salesforce helps us to do that.”

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