Deckers Brands redefines ecommerce to put customers first.


Deckers Brands transforms omni-channel experiences with Commerce Cloud.

Retail capabilities that were only recently considered groundbreaking — such as making a purchase online and picking it up in the store — are fast becoming commonplace. Retailers are now at a tipping point as old-style, in-store shopping is rapidly slipping away, replaced by the world of digital retailing.

Deckers Brands — a global company that includes the brands UGG®, Teva®, Sanuk®, HOKA One One®, and Ahnu® — knows this need for transformation all too well. The company is in the midst of evolving its business to an omni-channel approach, putting customers at the center of all its activities to ensure a consistent and powerful brand experience across all channels.

“Omni-channel isn’t just a catchphrase for Deckers — it’s an integral part of our culture of innovation and our retail strategy,” said Dave Powers, President of Brands for Deckers Brands.

Blazing a trail starts with organizational alignment.

“To begin the transformation, Deckers aligned its previously siloed commerce groups under a single umbrella,” said John Kalinich, Senior Vice President of Omni-Channel Operations and Ecommerce for Deckers Brands.

“Before our organizational change, we spoke to the customer by channel, with people, processes, and technology aligned relative to that channel,” said Kalinich. “However, there is no difference between a retail customer and an ecommerce customer. It’s the same customer.”

Deckers shifted its philosophy to view customers through the prism of their relationship to the brand rather than sales channel. To align with this new approach, Deckers combined retail, digital commerce, and wholesale groups under common leadership with common goals and incentives.


We are committed to delivering a premium, seamless, and consistent experience to our customers regardless of where they choose to connect with us.”


Deckers connects every touchpoint.

Deckers launched “Infinite UGG” as its first omni-channel initiative. In retail stores, sales associates were given the power to help customers view and purchase products that previously were available only online. In EMEA, Deckers leveraged Commerce Cloud innovations to make Infinite UGG available in-store via freestanding kiosks, where customers can order, scan, and read reviews on products.

Another early project was a “holiday hotline” directing all inventory-related store calls to one call center, where service agents can help shoppers quickly locate products regardless of their location — in-store or online — and, in many cases, place orders on the shoppers’ behalf.


New initiatives make for magical experiences.

Deckers launched Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle across its EMEA stores, enabling buy in store/ship to home capabilities, guided selling, and easier browsing. Endless Aisle rapidly elevated the already successful Infinite UGG program, an in-store customers could access product from the store’s ecommerce inventory.

Most recently, Deckers rolled out “Magic Carpet” RFID technology in select test stores. When customers try on shoes and step onto a carpet in front of a large interactive display, RFID communications call the Commerce Cloud and render product details for the item the customer is wearing on in-store touch-screen monitors. Customers can enter their phone number to receive a text with a URL to a product page on a Commerce Cloud site.

“Our Magic Carpet and Infinite UGG programs are amazing ways to bring the online experience into the store. These programs are just the beginning of what’s possible as we further engage customers with our brands,” said Kim Heidt, Vice President of Global Store Operations for Deckers Brands.

The UGG brand’s flagship Japan store features an “UGG By You” computer station where customers can sit with a sales associate to design and order their own boots.

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Data improves every interaction and takes Deckers global.

Deckers leverages information gathered from each channel to drive better results and improve relationships with its customers. In addition, their sites are easily adaptable to quickly roll out into new regions and countries as the brand grows.

“We are committed to delivering a premium, seamless, and consistent experience to our customers regardless of where they choose to connect with us,” said Heidt.


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