Now that we’ve integrated Google and Salesforce, our reps have cut data entry time by 50% and are selling faster than ever before.”

Brandon O’Sullivan, VP of Sales and Customer Success

The sky's the limit for DroneDeploy with Google and Salesforce.

When businesses need an aerial view of their operations, they turn to DroneDeploy. Since 2013, this San Francisco-based company has helped customers map more than 30 million acres in 180 countries. DroneDeploy is transforming the way businesses leverage drones and aerial data across industries, including agriculture, construction, and solar.

Driven by a mission to make the skies open and accessible for everyone, DroneDeploy makes it easy for businesses to collect, manage, and interpret drone data. Simple by design, DroneDeploy enables professional-grade imagery and analysis, 3D modeling, and more from any drone on any device.

But with more than 2,000 customers, hundreds of daily leads, and several disparate systems competing to be the source of truth, DroneDeploy needed an efficient and user-friendly system for routing, processing, and tracking leads. It found just the solution it needed by integrating two trusted partners — Salesforce and Google.


With hundreds of leads flowing in daily, some were getting lost. We needed a solution that allowed sales to easily track the progress of leads through the system.”

Brandon O'Sullivan, VP of Sales and Customer Success

DroneDeploy gains a bird’s-eye view of every lead.

When Brandon O’Sullivan, VP of Sales and Customer Success, started in March 2016, DroneDeploy was using a variety of tools to run its business, including Google Cloud’s G Suite, Yesware, Sales Loft, and SalesforceIQ. He soon realized using disparate tools was inefficient and limited DroneDeploy’s ability to manage opportunities, contacts, accounts, and leads. Lost leads were an especially significant problem. "With hundreds of leads flowing in daily, some were getting lost. We needed a solution that allowed sales to follow up in a timely manner and easily track the progress of leads through the system," says Brandon. To maximize every lead, he spearheaded the company’s migration to Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition in May 2016.
Once employees got a taste of Lightning features and functions in Sales Cloud, the company decided it wanted to consolidate its systems to just Salesforce and Google. According to Brandon, “It was a pretty fast transition – it took a week. We had a one hour training session with the sales team that outlined the life cycle of a lead in Salesforce Classic vs. Lightning. It was just a question of everyone getting used to the interface and reporting.”

The company’s sales reps got excited once they realized the switch wouldn’t affect the way they worked, and that the Lightning interface makes the most relevant information instantly accessible. Because Lightning for Gmail connects Salesforce and G Suite, reps are able to stay in Gmail and automatically update Salesforce records without toggling back and forth.

DroneDeploy also connects Google Cloud Platform with Salesforce to power and measure its advanced drone analytics platform. When its drones capture high resolution aerial data, that information is batch-processed in Google Kubernetes Engine before DroneDeploy uses its own photogrammetry and machine learning algorithms to convert the data into 2D/3D models and geospatial analytics for customers. Additionally, DroneDeploy uses Google BigQuery to combine customer and subscription data from Salesforce with usage and product data to report what’s working and what’s not, which enables DroneDeploy to make smarter business decisions.

Now efficiency is soaring.

DroneDeploy’s sales reps live in Gmail, and use it for 90% of their work. With Salesforce Lightning for Gmail, they’re more productive and efficient because the information they need is now right at their fingertips. This gives sales reps a better understanding of what each customer needs, leading to quicker, more contextual responses. It’s also helped turn many one-off contacts with customers into ongoing conversations.

Before Salesforce Lighting for Gmail, reps spent too much time doing data entry. But now they can add contacts to an email thread with a single click, saving about five minutes for every record.

Integrating Salesforce and Google has paid other dividends for DroneDeploy, including stronger lead management (a 50% improvement in proactively following up with new leads), better opportunity management (a 25% improvement in forecast accuracy), and savings from consolidating tools (eliminated $15,000 in annual subscriptions). Add it all up and it’s clear that the sky’s the limit for DroneDeploy with Salesforce and Google.


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