DuPont is a Trailblazer

DuPont's secret ingredient for customer success is advanced analytics with Salesforce.

33,000 employees
Salesforce customer since 2003


to deploy analytics to 6 business units


DuPont’s advanced analytics drives success for its customers.

Since its founding in 1802 in Delaware, the DuPont company name has been synonymous with scientific know-how and world-changing discoveries. Following the company’s merger with Dow in 2017 and subsequent separation into three independent companies, a new DuPont has emerged -- one that can build on its heritage of scientific innovation to create solutions to help the world thrive today. As a “new” company with a rich past, DuPont faced a new challenge: how to continue its history of innovation while transforming into a more digitally driven, customer-centric company.

With Sales Cloud as its foundation, DuPont is now building its culture around data curiosity through Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery. The company is a B2B provider of specialty products in markets that include electronics, transportation, building and construction, health and wellness, and food and worker safety.

DuPont is a Trailblazer in advanced analytics.

As a 15-year Salesforce customer, DuPont had long used Sales Cloud to manage its sales, service, and HR data. But in shifting its focus to customer growth, portfolio agility, and asset utilization, DuPont sought an analytics solution that would work natively with Salesforce data, while incorporating external data sources.

“Eight years ago, ‘digital’ used to refer to the chief digital officer, who was a digital marketer,” said Andi Le, DuPont’s IT Director, Digital Innovation. “That’s changed. It’s now industry 4.0. It’s now Einstein. It’s analytics, it’s supply chain, it’s employee empowerment with chatbots and robotics process automation. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the digital era, and Salesforce is a huge part of that for us on the customer side.”


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Tableau CRM

Discover insights, predict outcomes, and find recommendations with Tableau CRM.

Service Cloud

Increase customer satisfaction using the #1 platform for service.

Sales Cloud

Find customers, close deals, and grow accounts faster with Sales Cloud.

Data insights lead to better understanding of customer needs.

With Tableau CRM, DuPont is enabling sales, service, and HR to achieve deeper analytical insights. As a result, sales can make better decisions to help customers, and service teams can provide better responses to customer needs. “The goal,” said Le, “is to allow business users to find insights without having to worry about what system the data is coming from.” Centralizing and analyzing DuPont’s data across various sources provides greater data consistency, improved companywide visibility, and a holistic view of the business.

An agile, proactive approach yields fast results.

Data derived from beyond IT functions can empower business users, so they are more self-sufficient and better able to run their businesses.

“The aha moment was that we just had to do this and we had to do it quick and we had to be really agile about it,” said Le. “We’re an engineering company. We like to analyze things. I challenged my team to get this out there quickly. Get use cases. The data won’t be perfect, but let’s just use it and do it.” In just one month, analytics was deployed to all DuPont business units.

Our role is to make our customers be the best they can be to their customers. We want them to make the best products they can with our materials.”

Andrea Le | IT Director, Digital Innovation

Smart data is a valuable currency in the digital transformation world.

Intelligent data can drive better conversations, so that DuPont team members can gain a deeper understanding of processes such as supply chain yield and quality. When such insights are pulled back into Sales Cloud, a clearer picture of the entire customer journey emerges. That knowledge, in turn, can make valuable contributions to enterprise resource planning (ERP).

“For digital transformation, data is the currency,” Le said. “Our supply chain data is and our customer data is hugely important to us. So we’re going to take this to the next level, really bring in supply chain data, integrate ERP information and customer information to not only know what our customers want today, but predict what they will want in the future.”

Said Le, “Our role is to make our customers be the best they can be to their customers. We want them to make the best products they can with our materials. That’s what we’re going to be focusing on.”


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