It’s important for us to to collect all data available in the sales process, so we know where we’re winning the game and where we’re losing the game”


Building a Sales Process for a New Market

After dominating the consumer market, Easy Taxi saw an opportunity to serve the corporate market segment. They developed Easy Taxi Corporate, the business version of their consumer app, to provide businesses with efficient and cost-effective transportation for employee travel.

For this new line of business, Easy Taxi built a new sales and customer success team. As an established and trusted brand, the enterprise business grew rapidly, acquiring customers at an incredible rate: 200 to 300 corporate customers every quarter. To keep up with their customers, COO, Michel Glezer realized that smarter tools and more streamlined processes were needed so they could have full visibility into their sales funnel and optimize their sales motion. The Easy Taxi team was looking for an email solution that would not only integrate with their Sales Cloud, but also standardized their sales communications, in order to provide a unified, quality customer experience. They found SalesforceIQ and immediately recognized how the intelligence and productivity features would supercharge their sales team.


Sales reps want to focus more on selling. Sales managers want to measure sales performance. Salesforce Inbox is a win-win situation for sales reps and managers.”


Accelerating Sales with a Smarter Inbox

As a data driven team, Easy Taxi made tracking a priority to create a transparent view of all their sales activities. “It’s important for us to to collect all data available in the sales process, so we know where we’re winning the game and where we’re losing the game,” Glezer explained. “The ease in which Salesforce Inbox allows our reps to quickly log their communications straight from their inbox is helping us get better data in how we’re performing at every step of the customer lifecycle.” With full visibility and an accurate view of the customer in Salesforce, the Easy Taxi team can follow up with the appropriate next steps and provide the best customer experience possible.

One of the challenges the team faced was the lack of a standardized communications workflow; most of the time, sales reps would be copying and pasting from personal templates or responding to emails offhand. With Salesforce Inbox’s Templates, standard responses for each stage of their sales processes are easily populated into email, ensuring quality and consistency in their communications and ease for reps to respond quickly to prospects and customers.

Salesforce Inbox’s Read Receipts has also been crucial to focusing sales reps’ attention on engaged customers. Since transportation services isn’t often a top-of-mind concern for most businesses, Read Receipts notifies sales reps when customers are engaging with their emails, so they know exactly when to reach out to move the deal forward. Moreover, Inbox automatically generates tasks for follow up when the rep hasn’t heard back from a customer over a period of time, or when a customer email goes unanswered, enabling reps to prioritize customer outreach and making sure leads don’t fall through the cracks.

A Win-Win Solution for Sales Reps and Managers

Since adopting Salesforce Inbox, Easy Taxi’s customer communications and CRM data quality has improved and fostered an even stronger data-driven process. “Sales reps want to focus more on selling. Sales managers want to measure sales performance. Salesforce Inbox is a win-win situation for sales reps and managers,” Glezer shared.

Before the sales team spent roughly two-third of their time emailing and logging customer activities to Salesforce; with Salesforce Inbox, “we had realized, now they’re spending less time in their emails, as they’re responding faster with Templates and now we have more time to talk with even more customers.” The team now only needs to dedicate 10% of their week managing customer information in Salesforce, giving the reps more time to close deals.

The Easy Taxi team is still rolling out Inbox to the greater team, but they expect to see greater number of deals per rep per month in the following months since they’re now spending less time managing manual tasks.

Results at a Glance



more time dedicated to selling



visibility into engaged customers


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