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FireEye automates quoting and gains faster approval time while cutting invalid orders in half with Salesforce CPQ.

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Reduction in invalid orders


FireEye automates quoting and gains faster approval time while cutting invalid orders in half with Salesforce CPQ.

When Krista Gray joined FireEye in 2013, the company relied on a quoting and configuration solution that was largely code-driven. In 2015, FireEye moved to a more configurable solution, but quote-to-cash processes didn’t improve significantly because many of the complex validation and configuration accuracy features that were required could still not be easily achieved.

“We’re always innovating as a company and introducing new products, and at one point I was managing multiple teams of developers because that’s the capacity that it took to ensure the systems were capable of supporting all of the new product initiatives,” said Gray, who now manages FireEye’s Salesforce Platform.

“We lived in a world that was heavily dependent on IT to build custom solutions to support sales, and it took a lot of cycles, honestly. This slowed things down, and there wasn’t a lot of flexibility.”

FireEye wanted to take IT out of the process of configuring and quoting products.

It wanted instead to provide sales reps with an intuitive, business-administered solution that would streamline the quoting process and result in a better overall user experience.

We need our sales team to be providing solutions to customers rather than being consumed by data entry tasks. Having a system that supports that is key.”

Krista Gray, Senior Manager, Customer Experience

Choosing Salesforce CPQ was an easy decision for FireEye.

While in the final stages of evaluating another CPQ solution, FireEye discovered Salesforce was launching Salesforce CPQ. “At that point we paused and wondered if it made sense to continue with our first choice, or if it would be better to rely on a solution built natively on the Salesforce platform,” Gray said.

“We know Salesforce is a great company with innovative products. We love its vision, and we know we can trust its product roadmap. We were excited to see how it was going to take CPQ to the next level. This made Salesforce CPQ the best choice for FireEye.”

With Salesforce CPQ, the project team created a quoting solution that enables business operations to roll out new products, update configurations, and manage pricing.

Previously, FireEye sales reps would enter an order in the system, and if the configuration was invalid, the deal desk or order management teams would have to fix it on the back side of the process.

With approvals and validations, Salesforce CPQ immediately notifies the sales rep if a quote has an invalid configuration and tells them what to fix, reducing time wasted communicating back and forth in the process.

“The sales reps are much more confident in building out the solutions now,” Gray said. “We estimate the amount of ‘dirty’ orders — orders that were not complete enough to go forward — have been reduced by 50% or more.”


“We have optimized and reduced our SKUs by approximately 80%.”

In the past, FireEye SKUs contained full attribution, including things like volume band, support country, and subscription term. Salesforce CPQ has allowed FireEye to consolidate its SKUs and streamline the pricing and configuration process.

FireEye also has richer data now, such as details within the approval management process, which was previously done through email and couldn’t be analyzed.

FireEye streamlined management of its new subscription model.

Earlier in the year, FireEye launched a new subscription model for customers. Providing that option to customers is important to the continued growth of the company, Gray said, but managing the different configurations and options would have been very complex without Salesforce CPQ.

“Salesforce CPQ has really simplified management of that and set us up for the future,” she said.

Next up: Salesforce Billing.

With a CPQ solution in place, it’s time to address other sales process inefficiencies. That means deploying Salesforce Billing, which will equip FireEye with a flexible, scalable billing solution and automation that does not exist today.

“This is something that our business stakeholders are not pressuring us for yet, but we know it’s going to be needed where we’re going as a business,” Gray said. “This is our opportunity to get ahead of things instead of being in a reactive state.”


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