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Kiwi-owned Foodstuffs puts the focus on the shopper.

Foodstuffs is New Zealand's biggest grocery distributor. The brand is committed to providing customers with exceptional service and quality products. With 350 stores employing more than 30,000 people, Foodstuffs is 100% Kiwi-owned and operated. Retail members own each regional co-operative and operate them independently.

Founded in 1922, the company is always looking for ways to improve shopper engagement. That’s what brought Foodstuffs to its new digital experience — and to Salesforce.

What we’ve seen with the stability of Salesforce is our customers have more trust with our online store and us as a supplier.”

Kylie de Vries | Wholesale eCommerce Product Owner

When customers said they wanted easier online shopping, Foodstuffs listened.

When Foodstuffs decided to look into its legacy ecommerce system, it found there was work to do. Seventy-two percent of the brand’s buyers preferred to purchase online, it turned out. But according to those very customers, its digital ordering had room to grow. Key features to an optimal online shopping experience were missing.

At the time, Foodstuffs was using a twelve-year-old ecommerce platform. It was known to go down once a week due to lack of support. Its data was outdated, and the online store lacked images and search functionality.

Foodstuffs wanted to bring the excellent on-site service of its stores to the web. There was an opportunity to better understand customer behavior and drive loyalty.

To help with its new endeavor, Foodstuffs ultimately turned to Salesforce.

A fresh implementation team rolled out faster, smoother ecommerce.

In its partnership with Salesforce, Foodstuffs wanted to correct the gaps of its online shopping experience. But the mission wasn’t just about fixing current issues. The team wanted to plan for the future. It wanted to create new, impressive features to reward and delight loyal customers.

The company formed its first cross-functional team to implement Commerce Cloud. It built the new Foodstuffs ecommerce platform around the customer. This new configuration supports a co-operative business model, housing over 1.6 million pricing records. The online store has 14 integration points with SAP.

Bringing ecommerce onto a shared platform created more opportunities. By sharing customer data and activity across sales, marketing, and commerce, the entire Foodstuffs organization suddenly had a single 360-view of each customer. Now each department is connected and up-to-speed in every interaction with customers.

The results reflect the brand’s commitment to its customers.

Three months after launching its new ecommerce platform with Salesforce, Foodstuffs reported some amazing results.

Since customers can now deftly navigate products online, digital orders hit 65,000 in those 90 days. Sales increased by 15% on the ecommerce store, and sessions there went up 90%. The average session time decreased 15% because the site is so much easier to navigate. Checkout is faster, too.

That’s not all. Users of the Foodstuffs online store increased 129% during this period. New users went up 277%.

Encouraged, the team went into Phase 2. The goal is for customers to enjoy live chat, multi-language, and an online community for self-help.

In its mission statement, the company states that it strives to provide the best shopping experience. With its ecommerce initiative, this grocery distributor continues living up to its promise. It’s a good time to be a Foodstuffs shopper.

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