Salesforce provides a single engine to power our vision globally. It helps us manage different teams and selling into different countries with much more sophistication.”

Vu Tran | Chief Growth Officer And Co-Founder, GO1.com


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GO1.com increases reach and speed using Salesforce

GO1 has carved out a niche in online learning by offering the world’s largest marketplace of workplace training courses. Vu Tran, GO1 Chief Growth Officer and co-founder, likens the company to Netflix for business training. Customers pay a subscription and get on-demand access to training as well as tools to create and deliver their own.

The model has proved popular with customers who no longer need to choose between different training platforms or manage multiple suppliers. Instead, they can use GO1 to access thousands of courses from world leading providers.

“Our goal is to help unlock the potential of people through a love of learning,” said Tran. “Salesforce provides a single engine to power our vision globally. It helps us manage different teams and selling into different countries with much more sophistication.”


Salesforce also helps us understand our customers and the nuances of each country we operate in so that we can tailor our offering and approach.”


Global Visibility

With technology in the complex rehab technology (CRT) space seemingly at a standstill, it takes a bold spirit to move things forward. Numotion, the nation’s leading provider of CRT, is improving the lives of people living with disabilities by enabling them to actively participate in everyday life with the use of cutting-edge mobility devices. Its products offer innovative features like alternative drive controls (the ability to control a motorized wheelchair with your chin, tongue, speech, breath, and even eyes), which gives the power of mobility and independence to those who have struggled with legacy technologies.

“We don’t consider ourselves to be a product provider,” said Barczak. “We consider ourselves a service provider, and we're here on behalf of people living with disabilities. So, our entire company's purpose is to help people maintain mobility and independence and be able to live an active and daily life to whatever extent they choose. Numotion is a pretty rare combination where you can work for an organization with a tremendous purpose to the community and also have it be a successful business operation.”

Rapid Growth

Supported by Salesforce, GO1 has continued to grow rapidly. It has opened up new offices in South Africa, Vietnam and Malaysia over the last year and expanded its course offerings to meet the needs of new customers worldwide.

GO1 now estimates that every six seconds there is a customer somewhere in the world completing one of its courses. The company’s goal is to increase that measure to one course per second, and it has adopted Pardot to streamline marketing and widen its reach.

New campaign and landing page templates have been set up in Pardot which can be executed locally by teams in Australia, the United States, South Africa, Vietnam, the United Kingdom and Malaysia. GO1 can easily track engagement with these campaigns and determine which collateral is most effective.

To further improve lead nurturing, GO1 has used Pardot Connectors to be able to track attendance at webinars and events and send targeted follow up materials to no shows and attendees. It has also connected Pardot with Google Ads so that it can track where leads are coming from and use this information to measure ROI and optimise campaigns. All inbound leads are assigned to a sales person more than twice as fast as before.

“Now that we are managing sales and marketing on one platform we can more seamlessly nurture leads. Pardot also helps us work faster to launch campaigns for specific regions, so we can tailor our messaging without slowing ourselves down,” said Tran. “That speed is really important to us, because as a high-growth organisation we need the ability to move at a fast pace.”

Moving forward, GO1 plans to use Trailhead to help new employees get started on Salesforce and explore new capabilities. It also plans to use Einstein Analytics to gain deeper insights into customers which it can use to improve lead conversion. “Having a single source of truth in Salesforce allows us to diagnose and solve problems both locally and globally, and adding more analytics to that will make it even more valuable,” said Tran.


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